Remove luck gear

not gunna happen

Happened in other games that tried to add luck as a stat, it can definetly happen if people actually want it

i agree,remove all luck from game


Please remove all luck from armor/weapons. I don’t care how AGS compensates for this, but it needs to go. You are going to see people try to do mutations with luck gear and have the rest of the team carry them through it and it is no way to tell if there is a leech or not.


There is a reason why Diablo 3 removed magic find (Luck) from gear. It was a good decision.
And there is a reason why there are passive effects like paragon level and kanais cube.

Luck for chests, mobs and farming should be passives we can increase, not on gear we have to switch constantly.


I’d agree with you if the game literally didn’t force you to run around in full luck gear for you to get anything of value. Some items can’t even drop without a certain luck threshold, which is different from games like PoE where more luck just increases the odds. Moreover, luck scales exponentially so you want to use full luck gear even when flagged.

OP makes a very good point.

Grasping for semantics already because you’re losing the argument? I’m also fairly convinced that you do not understand how the luck stat even works.

Due to how loot rolls work in NW you quite literally have a 0% chance to get certain items with no luck modifiers. If you do loot runs, especially for rare legendary materials, with no luck you are absolutely wasting your time. Moreover, as I already mentioned, the more luck you get the more each point of luck is worth in terms of increasing your odds.

Because of the above there is no choice with luck. Either you run as much luck as humanly possible or you are being stupid. This is the equivalent of not being hit-capped in WoW when “chance to hit” was still a stat. Unless you were hit-capped no other stat was worth getting for a DPS. The reason it got removed was because it was mandatory, and something being mandatory is fundamentally limiting because it takes up space in the stat budget. Luck is even worse in this regard because it has zero impact on the player’s combat performance and is effectively impossible to cap, unlike chance to hit.

The reason why getting rid of luck on gear would enable more diversity is quite obvious - freeing up 5+ perk slots would enable you to actually run enemy specific PvE perks, weapon skill perks or whatever else might actually help you perform better instead of having a dead stat that you need to take to not waste your own time.

But hey, if you enjoy running around in the open world wearing some luck clown suit then go ahead. Ain’t nobody stopping you. A lot of people would prefer being able to wear items that impact their performance, however.


This is a post I made regarding a possible solution to luck gear:

I agree. Luck shouldn’t be a stat on your standard armor as it is absolutely required for every piece that you wear doing any content in the game making other actual good pieces of gear obsolete, which is a shame. Luck should be exclusive to trophies, bags etc.


Well said…

Damn dude you killed him

I’m not ‘losing the argument’ because what I stated is simply an irrefutable fact: It is not ‘mandatory’ that you wear luck gear, and there is certainly a ‘choice’. I exercise that choice every single time I play. Sometimes I want to wear my full luck gear suit; sometimes I don’t. I evaluate that decision each time I decide to go do something based upon what my goal is at that moment. Your entire argument is based on the premise that you, and others like you, value luck so much that you resent ever having to go without it - but you’re missing the fact that that is precisely the point. For you the value is so great that you feel compelled to use it, and you have the choice to do so; but each time you do that you are aware that you are compromising some other thing that you would also like to have (namely, some ‘other’ perk in its place). You don’t get to ‘have your cake and eat it too’, you have to decide which one you want.

Just because you can’t see a reason to ever do anything without your luck gear doesn’t mean there is no such reason; just because you might personally choose to always wear luck gear doesn’t mean there is no choice.

Sure, we’d all love to get everything we want all the time…but easy mode gets boring much faster than having to make decisions and compromises in order to do what you want to do. Do you want to be a PvP powerhouse? Then maybe you don’t wear your luck gear. Or maybe you want that extra luck so bad that you’re willing to flag up and wear less efficient fighting gear, but now you’re at risk of being killed and you won’t be at the top of your game if you have to fight.

The choices are hard, yes. But they are still choices, and they are choices that make the rewards sweeter when they pay off, and the defeats more agonizing. And that’s good gameplay.

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The main long term objective when playing NW is to get better gear be it by gaining coin (to purchase gear), by drops or by chests. If you want the best drops, luck is absolutely mandatory as the drops require the extra luck get a chance to roll and are bind on pickup and therefore can’t be purchased.

Yes we have a choice to wear luck gear or not. Similar to jumping out of a plane, you’d be pretty damned stupid to do it without a parachute. The choice is there though.

Except…you don’t ‘lose the game’ if you don’t wear luck gear; and there are definitely things you might be doing where you don’t need the luck. It’s simply not as black and white as you are painting it. I will grant you that there are situations where I, too, would think it was ‘stupid’ not to wear my luck gear. But even then, that’s a choice I am making and it is certainly not a ‘win the game’ or ‘lose the game’ kind of decision. Other people that go into those same situations choose, for whatever reasons they see fit, to wear gear optimized for something else.

There are certainly other ways to handle luck. Some of the people in here - in fact, some of the people arguing the hardest against what I am saying - have made some very good suggestions. But at the same time, they (and you, in this instance) are trying to add to the strength of their suggestions a thing that is simply not true; and it is that point that I respond to.

It’s not mandatory. It’s not ‘universally stupid’ to go out without a luck oriented set. Getting rid of luck would not ‘increase’ the diversity of gear; it would simply shift the ‘favored’ setup to some other thing, and since the overall number of choices would be smaller the diversity of choices made would also necessarily be smaller, unless the luck perk were replaced with some other new choice.

If you consider making an objectively bad choice a valid choice then sure.

Like what? Unless you are exclusively PvPing, pushing influence, doing Invasions or gathering then you want to stack loot luck. There isn’t a single PvE activity in this game besides Invasions where you wouldn’t want loot luck over any other perk, and that’s the whole problem.

For example, you put in effort to maximize the power of your character in an expedition. You have all the best perks and damage types against those particular enemies, but the game actually punishes you for it by making sure that it is impossible or, at best, very unlikely for you to get the best drops on the loot table compared to Lucky Timmy, who has stacked luck and does 75% of your damage and takes almost twice as much damage if he gets hit.

This ass-backwards design works for now because there is no actually difficult content in the game right now, but if AGS ever introduces something that requires min-maxing to beat then it’s going to turn into a shitshow real fast.

Also, just to clarify, I am not arguing for deleting luck entirely. The stat by itself is fine. It just has no place on gear the is supposed to give combat benefits and needs to be shifted more towards other items.

Kinda agree that luck is somewhat of a “dead perk” - sure, add some sorta benefit for being flagged (more loot, instead of better luck-chance for better loot or something).

The way I look at “luck” today, is kinda similar to when you needed “hit-rating” in WoW - which was eventually removed completely.

Keep up with me here; you dont want “nessesary stats” that does nothing cool for your character(s gameplay). Especially when doing the “hard” end-game content, where you would want to wear your best/coolest possible gear, with dmg/heal/tank perks + other good perks - gear that makes your char better/more powerful - not some forced gear, to eventually use the Best gear, which u then can’t use anyways, untill u are in full bis gear, - and even in bis gear, u would still want luck to get leggy drops to sell and what not.

So in wow u have haste/crit/mast - stats which all affect the speed/power/class-specific and overall feelgood of playing your char - luck, like hit, is just something u need to have, Its boring, Its somewhat irrelevant(yet needed) and Its meh to have to think into building your character optimal gearset (+build overall).

i hope they somehow modify luck- like making it a potion/consumerable or something u can optain by doing stuff in the game - progressing towards greater chances of better drops - I’m not sure How exactly to make it relevant in the game, but without hurting players in the process, I dont think they intended to make luck a “needed” perk instead of a “wanted" perk, but cant say for sure- maybe it’s exactly that- for the players tho, it’s more of a daunting task and semi-meh, having to prio something that does nothing for u, except adds better rng to rng :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Every game I’ve played that has had a “luck” stat on gear has eventually removed it and considered it a mistake. Definitely feels like a limiting and pointless perk and wish AGS had learned from these prior cases.

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What about this compromise?

“Drops from Mutated Expeditions does not take luck into account.” Sort of like the way the PVP flag doesn’t increase your luck while in there.

  1. This doesn’t affect any existing gear or content. You can still continue to run forts/sirens with your luck gear.
  2. Makes it so you can bring your best gear to the more difficult expeditions.

But what about MuTaTiOnS

Except that it’s not always ‘objectively’ bad.

…and so you just described several scenarios in which there are times when you wouldn’t want a luck suit on. I will add to that ‘loot runs’; sometimes people on our server tag along with the chest-looting zerg but they run a full PvP setup so that they can defend the zerg from opposing faction members more effectively. Or for some of them, maybe it’s not so altruistic; perhaps they are just hoping to kill people. Who knows?

In any event, the existence of the luck build as its own discrete set of equipment forces the player to choose between that activity versus any of the others depending on what they are doing - unless, of course, they want to carry extra outfits with them and literally swap out on the fly. It is unlikely, for instance, that you will have a full suit of ‘gathering’ gear for every resource type that also includes ‘luck’. It is even less likely that you will be in top form for fighting other players if any of your gear has one of the perks taken up by ‘luck’. If you remove that as a discrete choice, then you have your cake and eat it too, yes?

Ultimately? Maybe that’s a good thing. Personally I think it’s a bad thing.

No time to read all the posts, so sorry if someone else had this idea. Keep luck, but fix it. Make it a separate item slot. Zero on green and white gear, rare on blue, guaranteed on purple that can be slotted with “charms” following the same rules as gems. Higher end items give more types of luck per charm.