Remove medium armor from the game

Just leave players convert their medium armor to heavy or light pieces and remove medium from the game. You can’t buff heavy or medium will be useless, you can’t leave it like this as heavy is useless

Keep the medium bonuses


What is the problem with the medium armor according to you?

He saying heavy sucks and it can’t get buffed becuase it will make med useless

2 things.
Medium is okayish, but the non-smooth final step after the dodge is a root.
It mitigates more damage than light obviously, but why chose mitigation when light can avoid 100% of the damage and has also 3 full invul rolls with a way longer distance, leaving medium in a non-niche spot, or at least, not in a as good spot as light.

Heavy has the same problem + the short dodge. Again, why would you chose mitigating some damage with the current burst, when you can simply ignore it with full iframing.


It is that the heavy armor should raise its defense a little more, perhaps because of the little mobility it has. In any case, if you can’t get mobility by dodge, you can get it through weapons. There depends a lot on how you build your character.

That’s why I liked open world PvP, because you had to consider many more factors when building a character, such as how to escape when you are in a difficult situation.

Medium armor hits 4 dodge at 150 dex, light armor hits only 3. There are many weapons that benefit greatly from this, like the spear and hatchet for example. With the right passives you can dodge and hit constantly, not so with light or heavy armor.

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True, I forgot the 4th dodge with the Dex setup with medium, thanks mate.


One of this games problems in armor balance has always been its weight system.

“max weight” builds give substantially more DR than the armor set gives normally and barely seem more than a happy accident in design than intentional. Heavy, of course, sees zero benefit to this.

So for instance:
Max Light: 25.2% DR
All Light: 20.9% DR
Gain: 20.5% more effective

Max Medium: 37.9% DR
All Medium: 31.9% DR
Gain: 18.8% more effective

Heavy: 45.5% DR
Gain: 0%

So if we compare light/med/heavy gains in DR between each other max medium is a 50% gain in DR over max light. Heavy, however, is only a 20% increase over max medium.
But if you go by min weight? Medium is 51% better than light and heavy is 43% better than medium.

Heavy still gains less than going to medium does, but losing light rolls should give you quite a bit in the first place.
For current heavy to keep pace with max medium/light it would have to be more akin to ~55% DR. Which would be insanely tanky when factoring in absorption.

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Good point, I was right then, they should raise the defense of the heavy armor a bit to make it really worth using.

They could give it 80% DR, it still won’t be on par with medium or light for the simple fact that heavy deals less damage and has no mobility. Taking damage is always bad compared to not taking damage at all (dodge)

I think it is likely more the answer is reduce everyone else and thus make heavy better by comparison.
Than merely to just buff heavy to the point it’s extremely tanky on its own.

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I played with SnS+Spear, 50 str/150dex/300const and killed and endured the same, yes, you are very dependent healer, with a healer behind you were god, without a healer just a bag of blows.

Medium simply needs to get that dodge-hitch smoothed out and then it will be a perfectly good dueler, in-between build that offers some mobility through the dodges while also having better resistances than light. Medium was a very fun armor weight before they tarnished it with the February update.

I am interested in seeing what they will do with Heavy Armor. The Dev video alluded to a “lack of mobility for heavy armor” and they are looking towards blocking which should help Heavy Armor’s case a great deal considering the bonus block stability you get. I hope whatever gets changed helps balance Heavy for PvP but does not make it so crucial and busted that everyone and their mother starts using it.

80% DR would be capable of being up to only 10% effective damage (50% absorption after 80% reduction). There is no burst that can kill that and they would be essentially invulnerable when healing is involved.
They may not have to kill the enemy if the really can’t mathematically kill them either.

This is the risk of actually increasing DR to much. Healing exists in this game and healers can be tanky as well. Even with -30% reduction this would basically make most healers functionally unkillable in a 1vs1.

So the call is to reduce everyone else, I think, rather than purely increasing heavy.

It’s tiresome dealing with the same ignorant complaints over and over.

Armor isn’t the issue. Fortify is.

Change fortify to increase armor% instead of flat damage reduction and you’ll see a wildly different outlook for ALL armor classes.



So, the medium armor with almost 2k armor will receive even more armor…amazing idea…

This is also true.
Fortify benefits the lowest armor class possible.

0% armor with 50% fortify stops 50% of damage taken.
30% armor with 50% fortify stops 65% of damage taken.

Will this drop damage enough to substantially change hits to kill? Possibly by 1-2 at most.
You won’t live in many more fights with that over that 0/50% couldn’t.

So if it modified actual armor values:
0% modified by 50% stops 0%
30% modified by 50% stops 45%

Well…that’s a big difference.

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When it comes down to holding space, such as capping points, light aint gonna do the trick.

Medium is the best balance of invulnerability and mitigation.


2 thing. First at this point why not make that when you block you can Iframe attack , like a “perfect Parry” Who cost less Stam to compensate that you dont move compare to Dodge .

Second thing, why not make that heavy armor are resistant to hard cc