Remove Minimum Player Requirement for Expeditions

See title!

For anyone thinking “there’s solo options for many of them, just do those”, here are a couple examples:

  • I decided to clear out all of the quests on map. Guess what? Some of them ask you to do the actual expeditions (normal side quests, not repeatables). Finding groups for them can take hours, especially on low pop servers. If you’re a level 60 trying to get an Amrine or Starstone or Depths done for a quest, either you’re going to have to beg other 60s to waste their time with low level content or have newer players join and you’ll be one shotting everything - some newer players like this, but if a new player is looking to enjoy the dungeon, their experience can be ruined when another teammate is breezing through it and they can’t even get a shot in.

  • When browsing YouTube one day, I found a video of someone doing a solo run of Genesis and thought “that’d be a fun challenge to try myself to test my skills”. Would be nice to launch it solo rather than having to find 2 other people to join just to have them leave once it starts.

We can walk solo into some of the hardest elite strongholds in the overworld if we like, and get wrecked for trying (getting to that Tempest shrine just to unlock it for example). Why not allow this for expeditions also? Is there some exploit/cheese/downside that I am missing? If a player can solo or duo an expedition, why not let them try?


Thanks so much for the feedback @KableKar I will pass along this suggestion to the team.

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+1, I can solo depths, let me if I want to. I get that there are some mechanics in the dungeons that use the 3-player mechanic, but for the sake of QoL that could be changed, given that clearing MSQ isn’t such a feat anymore.

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