Remove or debuff Musket

the musket in this game is so OP trolls decided to use them in OPR and war cause they cant get into the fight and get kills prove me wrong. All muskets users do is either camp on a rock 100 feet away from you and pop shots and kill you in 3 seconds cause the game has 1 speed slow. The run speed makes tracking so easy that you cant even dodge there shots , they just wait for you to dodge once then shot you and run away. Worst class on New World , cant do anything with it solo other then run away and pop shots at someone. People are going to complain and say oh we should just fight with you hands , your the problem and most likely use a musket. if i wanted to play with people camping in a bush or rock i would play call of duty not new world. heavy armour does absolutly nothing to musket shots i get killed in 3 shots with two
invigarated and 1 vigor stil on armour its a clas th devs made to troll and run the game into the ground harder then it is already

you can search for gear with Physical Aversion. It will be even more important with the new weapon.

mosquete esta totalmente quebrado e irritante ! nunca tinha visto isso em um mmorpg !
é triste

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