Remove preselected Parties from OPR

I mean sure, i could do same, make a group with company members… bla bla bla

but holy fk is this annoying, allways Gaxe/Hammer Tanks Spammer, with their own Dog Healer

and no u cant kill the healer, since he gets protected like a lil b… :slight_smile:

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Da Du im Feedback-Bereich bist und zumindest für mich nicht klar ersichtlich ist, was jetzt genau wie geändert werden sollte:

  • Was genau stört Dich?
  • Was sollte warum geändert werden?
  • Wie könntest Du Dir eine Änderung vorstellen?

Hierzu auch: Guide für qualitativ hochwertiges Feedback


keine vorher arrangierten Gruppen.

Random zusammen würfeln wer wo spielt

Moving this to the English Feedback category given the original post is in English.


Um…I think the better solution is to form your own group before queuing opr so you can have the roles you need as well…

Don’t force me to fight against my team when we use OPR to practice as a pvp group

i think 2 queues would be nice for everyone.
most of the time it’s no fun because the groups make it way to onesided most of the time.
it’s not even fun grouping up with friends and getting a win for free because the other team only had rnd players…

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