Remove Spear and Rapier From NW

Is wasting HD space on clients and servers. The game is only GreatAxe, no need for both.
Also, to not waste time.


bad troll… bad!

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another post showing how lifestaff heavy armor and GA are op. thanks op

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You are welcome.

Not a troll

just wait…

The spear is amazing in invasions, especially if you do the weapon quest. It is a boss destroyer. If only more people knew about it…

Agree, in my opinion probably the best PvE weapon, Stun ads and melt bosses, the weapon quest is really good. What remains after the PvE is over?

Are we still talking about the weapon or are we talking about the whole game?

The weapon, what remains for the weapon after the PvE is over. Better now?

I know, 'was just a joke :crazy_face:

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Agreed, the spear is very much underrated and is an amazing weapon for PvP as well as Invasions

I think I got lost on so much irony on this post. :upside_down_face:

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So the spear is good for PvP too? Does it need nerfing? I am losing track, I know apparently Hatchet, Life Staff, GAxe, Fire Staff, IG are all too strong and need nerfing, I also saw an issue that Rapier does too much damage. Is Spear on that list too? So just Bow, Musket and Hammer are no good?
There seem to be so many weapons and combos that are too strong, the devs will be very busy nerfing them all. I wonder if there may be an easier solution…

I changed my mind, nerf everything and buff GA. There you go

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probably… lol i run the bow/spear combo, with optional s&b… it’s all OP to everyone. bad troll

I love my Spear, dislike Rapier. That one you can remove.

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