Remove the 25 a week limit

I’m not even doing one per week :laughing: :+1:

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you are like that, but not for playing the game, but just for
spread BS on forum ;D

lemme guess. u got 2.5k hrs+ allready :smiley:
living New World :wink:

you are linving on forum, its way more sad ;D

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weird i was right.

ye usually when i play the game, i have the board open :smiley:

the shard seller were be so bad you couldn’t use any sort of chat unless it was company or private message which is kind of dum their was to many people spamming chat it was insane and drove more people away then it kept

Their exact reason is “to ensure equity between players who have the time to run 25 a week and those who don’t have the time.”

So basically no fucking reason at all. Dumbest change to the game yet. There’s not much content to begin with and they think limiting the only worthwhile pve content in the game is a good thing.

If which ever one of you middle school developers reads this you are terrible at your job and the game and community would be healthier if you and your stupid af ideas weren’t here.


Tell me more!

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THIS 1000%, had to be said.

By that logic, also limit all players to 0 wars per week (since that is also the avg number of wars people get into (unless you are in top company), and so on. Whoever approved this, should be banned for life from being in a game developing studio, no joke.

THIS!!! i feel like an asshole for saying no i dont want to help lower levels learn cause im capped on how many i can run

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Why do they keep trying to force that equity? It doesn’t exist. It won’t exist. Sweaties will 100% always outpace me, 100% of the time, because I just don’t sweat over video games anymore. I did at one point, and it got me called by name to join PVP groups in Warhammer, but I don’t anymore. I can’t and won’t be bothered. That’s what sweaties do-- they sweat over the game and the casuals like me don’t. The separation is entirely voluntary, as I could sweat over the game but choose not to. Throwing limits on players who didn’t ask for them is just damning them, not forcing any kind of equal playing field.

The only thing this does is actively punish active players who just want to keep playing the game. I have no idea why that’s such anathema to them.


You’ve pointed to the exact problem with new world’s development course imo. I would argue that their development of the game is molded by their political ideology. This is a highly divisive topic though and probably not helpful to the discussion.

Exactly. In addition those sweaty players are generally the ones who create content and hype around the game and within the community. The constant nerfs to everything to make it more casual friendly pushes those folks away.

As a casual player myself I enjoy watching the try hards compete in war or to watch speed runs off the elite groups and try to incorporate their methods into my own groups.



At first, I thought it was a good solution / thing to stop shards sellers but after reading alot of post on forums , I’m starting to agree that limit is dumb and useless. Shard sellers probably have multiple accounts so they can easily by-pass the Limit. This only limit « legit » player who enjoy running Mut / PVE. I don’t remember their reasoning for this change.


That’s reassuring, even people that were in favor of the change, are starting to see that it wasn’t a good one at all.

So what’s going on with u, AGS? No response is not gonna work for ever…people will get more and more frustrated and just quit (as many have done since launch)


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Most people that run M10’s don’t help run lower level mutations and are saying otherwise merely to support their goal.

Of course, everyone here is the minority of M10 spammers that helps run lower mutations right? - as long as it supports their thread purpose of getting the limit removed.

Not only should the limit stay, shard selling should removed as well. Unless it’s made less rewarding after so many attempts. They did it for a reason, did any of you think about that?

Pretty transparent.

bump so that we still get ignored for 2 more months by AGS


Almost everyone who is against the limit is essentially against the HARD limit, want to limit loot ok, want to limit shards ok! But restricting players from playing is never ok.
And if you read here or in other topics on this topic what they write and offer, you would see that there were suggestions on how to stop shard sellers, how to limit loot without restricting the dungeon entrances themselves.
Oh yes, as long as there is a limit, shardsellers get more gold for less work, because since the limit appeared they have raised prices, so having a limit you only help shardsellers

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