Remove the 45-min timer blocking you from joining OPR if you have planned war/invasion


Can you please remove the 45min timer that is blocking you from joining an OPR before a war/invasion? And instead make it so you can join the war/invasion from inside the OPR. Imo you should be able to join instanced content from whereever you are, so if you are in an expedition or arena that should work too (maybe it does, haven’t been in an expedtion when a war have popped tho).

I like to “warm-up” before a war and this 45-timer is blocking me from doing it.

Okey ty thanks!

Hello Adventurer @Lax3N, I hope you are having a great day.

First of all I want to thank you so much for taking your time to share your feedback about the game-play and the limitations, I’m going to move this post from game support to the feedback section of the forum. We strike for a friendly in game environment, this type of feedback is very important for the team as this help us to keep improving the game.

If you have any other feedback feel free to post it on the feedback section of the forum, also keep and eye on the official news section for the latest updates and news.

I hope you enjoy the lands of Aeternum!! :man_mage:

Ah yeah wrong place sorry. Did you move it tho? :o

Hi @Lax3N, I will move the post right now, thanks for the reminder :sweat_smile:

Cheers!! :sparkles:

yes there should be no ban timer for OPR this junk happens alot, whether its this case of war schedule or if you get d/c or the game crashes you get blocked from opr for no reason other than to make the player feel bad. remove any restriction from people joining in game content.

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