Remove the GA, LS, hatchet, firestaff, IG, VG ! OP!

I’m a musket player and I need to run 5 con to do meaningful damage to everyone but half my bullets go through players, not to mention my damage can be outhealed easily with pots and I die in two chops ! A healer standing still can even outheal my damage in shooter stance with powder burn ! GA grav well/ice shower Perma stuns me ! Omg remove all other weapons cause I die from it ! ! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I do agree musket needs a rework the fundamentals of the weapon are too simple

i’m sorry to tell you more you must be a horrible player !
why the musket is the most cowardly and easiest weapon to play, players on my server are always top 1 in opr and wars with 25 30 kills, find another excuse for its ruin

just being sarcastic, since everyone seem to be complaining about any weapon that they can’t deal with. I’m scared the devs will actually listen to these players

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everyone agrees that the musket needs to adjust less the crybaby who can’t see that the musket is broken

who’s everyone ? there are players whining about every weapon that they die to. You’re honestly just trolling now

Do you make a fool of yourself or are you? start leafing the pages of the forum only to complaints of musket and ice handle, crybaby ! dont nerf my mosket buuaaaaa a as i’ll stay on the stone

man you are really triggered from getting killed by the musket…lol. do those things I suggested on the other post with the perks and gems, and don’t run 5 con. I think it may benefit you. You should also duel more muskets, the timing of an average musket player is quite easy to dodge.

You don’t speak for me. People who die to the musket want it gone.

It’s a L2P issue

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