Remove the grind for Tuning Orbs please?

So … on a low population server, there MIGHT be one outpost rush a day and Expeditions are rare enough with the exception of Amrine and Depths probably due to people getting orbs for the main quest chain.

There’s nothing to do apart from some elite trains … I’ve only managed to do one or two Expeditions, the grind to get the orbs isn’t worth it :confused:

End game is non existent … the grind is overpowering :confused:

I’ll probably stick around for another patch or two, but honestly, I can’t see myself hanging around with nothing to do but grinding

I’ll say if the chisel cost was 0 coin and just faction tokens i wouldn’t mind crafting my own orbs to use before genesis. As it is the coin cost is way too high for the tuning orbs compared to how common the quest orbs are.

Currently i’m saving up my corrupted materials from caches until i can make my own genesis orbs. Once i’m there i’m sure i’ll hate how hard it is to get the elite zone components. I complete every lvl 25 and 35 major breach i can and am just saving up in the meantime.

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