Remove the newly added time gated pvp salt from the ptr

Now if that makes it into the live it’s ggs


do not know how each time they beat themself again & again in stupid descision… they get better in a bad way…

is it a common descision or the “stupid one” strike again ? just curious i see a pattern here

keep it. please dont rever bow, stamina changes. and dont revert this time gating.
just kill the game now so we all can stop waisting our time.
devs have 0 understanding of what players want from game and how to fix issues we have with game. no point living on hopium boys. let it die with this patch.


Yep, I agree with you for once haha.

Careful with that sarcasm, Amazon’s AI is gonna see your complaints and turn it into a feature xD

Not being able to grind the only form of somewhat competitive small scale pvp we have sounds like a blast, back to inactivity.

There is no AI. In best they gather some data based on topic and amount of posts. Look how broken game code is. They keep restoring old bugs. You think they can write even simple AI? Nah.

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They do use AI, it translates too. But way to kill a joke.

No. They said they have one. But 99% of dev teams saying that have no AI :slight_smile: Just some simple algos. Been here and there so i know how this looks from inside :slight_smile:

Dudes that cant fix simple bugs wont write AI lol.

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Strange hill to die on.

How long does it take to farm out this cap, which I assume is daily like most everything in the game?

If it only takes an hour to farm your daily allotment, that’s really quite laughable and should be increased. There might be plenty to do in the game, but if a couple OPRs is all it takes then you’re not providing more content, just throwing in a couple rewards for PVP players to do what they already do.

If your response is anything longer than 3 hours, it might be appropriate to consider doing something healthy with your free time, or hell at least play something else, too. There are a lot of fun games to play. If you want PVP only, there’s always For Honor. There’s more to this game than PVP, too. But I get it, not everyone can enjoy fun stuff.

Time gating is in place because people will no-life a game to get to cap ASAP, which puts everyone who actually lives an average life at a severe disadvantage. It is in place so you can be free to enjoy other things in life besides New World, which makes me happy as a gamer and a person.

On the inverse, if you can only play one or two days a week, being able to grind for that one entire day isn’t going to bring you to the same level of advantage as the no-lifers, either. It needs to be said, then: if you cannot play the game competitively, don’t expect to be competitive. There should never be a participation trophy in PVP.

Lastly, I am not saying this to throw shade. There are some super intense gamers who love New World and play it exclusively. I’ve been a fan for over a year, but if you want time gating removed to obtain an advantage or burn through all the content the game provides as quickly as possible (in a MMO, no less!), seriously consider whether you may be addicted to video games and seek help.

A no-lifer

No when its horizontal progression. And imho this is the case. We dont get anything way better that we already have in game.

Developers have clear roots in mobile game development. Time gating on mobile is expected. As they are mostly single player games.

Oh you’re out of lives. Come back in 45 minutes or a few hours and try again. If you don’t want to wait, pay $1.00 now for instant revives.

In the genre of 24/7 live service MMORPG gaming, time gating is a deal breaker.

I have never seen happy reviews of time gated systems, such as a “Stamina” system. Time gated systems have always been detrimental to player immersion in a role playing environment.

Your friend logs on and asks if you can tank M10. Except you have used up all of your M10 runs for the day. Really kills the social and/or competitive dynamics of multiplayer.

So, PVP-specific gear is not an advantage? Nor is being able to obtain it more reliably than in other game modes?

Its not like you can get BIS on all slots for all builds lol.
You can get gear faster i think farming mutations.

Devs: Adds fun new feature that potentially could bring thousands of players back.

Also Devs: Limits the feature so returning players can only have a little bit of fun at a time.

A strawman does not benefit your argument, which is a valid concern masked behind hyperbole.

I play this game because it is fun and I enjoy it. A great break from the labors of life. As gamers, somewhere along the way, we lost the enjoyment of gaming and demand the game reward us for our time investment, which is something real life provides. Some shower thoughts for you…

Is it definitively better gear, though?

Players asked for a way to gear up through PVP, with gear tuned to PVP. Devs provide it. I am failing to see the issue. Is the gear not good enough? Is the content provided not fun?

The whole concept of making dungeons no-reward after a few runs is hardly a far stretch. As developers have stated there will soon be no orb requirement to run dungeons.

The original design implementation of the tuning orb was to gatekeep lazarous + genesis rewards.
It was not too long ago where obtaining a Lazarous orb took over 20 Corrupted Lodestones to make.

The design choices that are being proposed today are repeats of past errors that aided in the large decline.

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Good day @Timayy. Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding the XP PvP Salt Daily Limit on the PTR. The Community Managers are aware of the sentiment on the issue. This topic will be brought up next week with the Dev Team. Thank you again for sharing how you feel on the matter.