Remove the pause at the end of dodge and roll animations

Please remove this pause that makes your character stand still at the end of a roll or dodge.

It makes the movement feel less fluid.

Most people are using sheathe weapon or switch weapon to bypass this animation anyway.


Please remove the cancel animation when swapping/sheathing weapons.

Open world pvp is just about mages rolling and running away until they find a settlement or friend.

How are you in a medium weight armor supposed to do anything vs a light weight armor ? You will never catch him. I tried with a friend with the roll you go just a little bit slower than with Berserker on.

This thing is dtupid and killing open world pvp. The only way to pvp is to do zerg vs zerg aka Wars cause people fleeing from one another is not fun.

A dodge should be what it is, to dodge a specific attack or ability. Not a way to run faster.

HIW CAN SOMEONE OUTSPRINT BY FUCKING ROLLING try to fucking roll once the time for you to get up i’ll already be 100 meters ahead.


I mean that is more an issue of having too much stamina and too much stamina regeneration.

I agree with you they are annoying to catch.

Use a ranged weapon? Muskets own mages lol

But fr the zerger tears are nice in this thread. Maybe stop zerging solo people and they won’t run?

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I say that as a solo player … Playing great axe and sword or sword and hammer there is just nothing you can do

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Light Armor should be faster than Medium, and Medium should be faster than Heavy. If you want to remove the cancel animation, let’s have Heavy run at 100% speed, Medium at 110% speed, and Light at 120% speed. A full plate wearer should never be able to keep up with a lightly dressed person.

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that will make animations look bad, you already move fast enough with rolls

No you don’t. A heavy plated knight being able to run at the same speed as a lightly dressed fighter or mage is utterly ridiculous. :slight_smile: Speed needs to be one of the big differences between armors.

People are asking for weapon swap to be queued like abilities. I’d like auto-run to be too. Would certainly make it a lot less awkward finding the right timing to press it.

I don’t disagree but this is only ONE among a moltitude of input and animation issues that need to be fixed. The entire control interface of this game needs an overhaul, there’s like 4 functioning weapons out of 11.

The bigger issue with weapon switching right now is this bug All weapons bugged, wrong weapon shown on HUD compared to actual weapon held

It causes you to not know what weapon you are holding and so you can make mistakes, resulting in your death usually.

Yep try to post every bug you find, theres alot for sure.

Sounds about right. You’re playing a support build which is designed to live longer, not 1v1 mages. If you want to 1v1, don’t use a support class. Everything in this game has a role.

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