REMOVE - TOWN - INCOMES > It literally ruined the game. Why devs never discussed this?

Town income of this magnitude does not make sense in an MMO.


what if they just gave a percent to everyone in the same faction as the town owner ?


good idea +1

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That would just feel unrewarding towards the people who fight for territories. Furthermore people who wouldn´t even be taking part in wars would get income for nothing. Also lower level players would get a substantial amount of coin for their level and material needs and people would only join dominating factions for that reason


they can adjust the pay out
like giving double amount of money to ppl who is in the company that owns the teritory.
giving less money to -50 lwl ppl

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hmm yea that doesn’t sound good, maybe to companies that did town board/influence push/invasion ?


This sounds a whole lot like “I wanna do nothing but get paid for it”



This is the kind of thread where moderators and devs are careful not to put their feet in, even a toe!

And if it should inadvertently happen, you will be told: “This problem is on our radar”… which means thousands of miles away from being fixed. :laughing:


I think just make it so that you can attack any company rather than cant war against same faction
Simply put controlling a area makes it so that the whole faction gets the benefits dosent mean there cant be internal struggle for power
Anyone can attack any town no one is your friend buy people for war if u cant fill it yourself
Get backstabbed by your friends
And be a casual player

Town income should be in game. What they should change is trading fees to dont go fully to city holders.

Let’s say half money to go to city holders, half money to be removed.
Other option would be all money paid for trading fee to be removed from the game.

I’d suggest second option, but even first can be useful. Inflation getting crazy on populated servers cuz there are barely options to remove gold from game.

I did have a stab at this in this video.

It did entail changing how influence and territory ownership happens, but I did go into detail how territory wealth could be distributed based on contribution in flipping it.

It’s the third point of the video :+1:


What??? What is the problem with 95% of the server wealth being concentrated on 50 or so pvp players that basically play 30 minutes every 3 days? I don’t see anything wrong with that!


Yeah let’s remove the last thing people play for……

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so you are saying those ppl are only playing this game for money nothing else ?
then they souldnt play at all…

im playing this game to have fun.
im working to earn money irl already… i dont need that more than neccesary in my game too…

that huge town income is making game too imbalanced… it should be fixed…
and im % 90 sure… ppl who always keep WW and EF or other big towns. and making millions of gold are selling that gold for irl money… this should be prevented


people who wouldn´t even be taking part in wars would get income for nothing

That’s exactly what these people want. They don’t care about the competitive side to the game. They just want free shit for doing nothing.

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How do you progress your character inn this game? Gold remove money from town and there is no way to progress. And if there is no big reward for wars this game is completely dead instantly

Here’s a suggestion:

Remove territory income and create a company leaderboard with weekly/monthly gold incentives.

Upon winning a territory, the territory will generate points for the company towards the leaderboards. Subsequent defenses award more points every period the company holds the territory. Companies only gain points from one territory so in order to get a lead, they will need to break the streaks of others by winning successful attacks.

Companies are limited to one territory so that winning an attack while also already holding a territory would mean the company would need to pick which one they want to keep.

At the end of each leaderboard period, the top companies are awarded gold. How many companies and how much gold is up for discussion. Perhaps taxes can be used to fund the prize pool. In order to be eligible for the rewards, the company has to be created/registered before the leaderboard period. Players can only choose to war for one company per season.

There could also be a separate leaderboard for each faction. The top companies of each faction enter a tournament as representatives and the winner of that could offer additional benefits for the whole faction on top of the individual company rewards

Open to any suggestions/improvements/critiques. Just throwing ideas around while considering the shelling problem and animosity towards gold income


That’s why people are upset.

If you are not part of the club making money you don’t get to progress. It’s an obvious game design flaw in an MMORPG.


Yup the progression system is insanely bad grind gold to get an rng roll. PvP reward track is also a joke

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They can make territories give tokens the company can spend for upgrades, and add company only upgrades. For example they could add a death debuff (-5% dmg for 5 minutes after death) and then create a town upgrade that reduces that by half. They could add multi level fort guards for open world (imagine having a a thorpe defending you fort). An upgrade to run 5% faster on street, one to have a 10% chance to save consumables, one to use only wood to make camps, a discount on taxes in an owned city, increased gold from town board missions… Non breaking things that one may still look after for their guild, but not giving a huge advantage.