REMOVE - TOWN - INCOMES > It literally ruined the game. Why devs never discussed this?

no its that there isn’t a real way to buy 500k + mats items if your aren’t in a company that wont let anyone in to fight wars


Horses, bolted and stables springs to mind.

The damage has been done. This was pointed out even before the game came out and they did nothing to prevent it.

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agreed, its a popularity contest. If youre in the club with the big dogs you get to have alot of gold, if not you have to grind youre ass off in crafting/gathering

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I like the idea but would worry about people jumping factions to the faction that owns Ww and EF


agreed, maybe the gold should just go to the people that participated in the war? And maybe like .5% go to the rest of the faction? or maybe not even that. just to those that participated

Or maybe base someone’s percentage off of a loyalty ranking that is based on faction reputation, days spent in the faction, that resets to zero when you change factions.


thats not a bad idea

there’s no reason they can’t increase the rewards from war to make it more viable outside of just the town’s income. make winning a war as rewarding as an m10, multiple legendaries, a plethora of umbrals, and a chunk of gold. In fact, they could withhold 40% of a town’s income to be distributed to each player that participated to the winning side of the war, I’m sure win trading would become a thing again, but then again, it’s against the rules so they could be reported. There’s no reason why wars can’t be the most rewarded content in the game as it’s the pinnacle of pvp atm.

free income just because you’re in a faction? no, get a job!


Bro I’ve been in WW/EF companies you think they give me 500k?

There is, it just takes time, patience and luck. I got skills grandmaster 595-600 everything and nearly ever furnishing schematic on my own without the help of a company. I can and do roll items 200-300-400k+ which basically allows me to trade items for gold to buy items for myself.

Nice idea. The problem is that people would just quit etc just so they can play only the dominant faction imo.

me personally, i think that the way income is made by owning territories should be applied differently

  1. i think that instead of crafting stations causing you to pay an upkeep fee i think the level tier of the crafting station should grant you a small amount of income daily based off the tier level. This would help keep companies wanting their stations upgraded all the time and this would help generate income whether its Windsward or First Light. This would give relevance to every territory.

  2. if they were to modify the first part in that manner i’d have every tax in this game be set to a base 1%-2% that way some territories could generate a little more income then some but it wouldn’t be night and day difference.

in a system like this if say you paid daily 5k gold for the 10 crafting stations if they were all tier 5 you’d make around 350K off those a week plus whatever taxes you get and that would be ideally for every territory and would feel to me make every territory very desireable. Also limit a company to only owning 1 territory( i know this doesn’t negate what shell companies do, but its something)

I agree, It doesn’t make sense at all for them to receive all that money. Imo, the guild owner of a territory should only receive the money from housing and crafting taxes, NOT the trading post! This is one of the things that’s trully killing the game.

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Town Should be Raided by Faction that not control the Territory, like 1 invasion - 1 war and if their pass them, then we can raid the town, and everyone can join the Raid, it should be good i think

O top of that, there is literally NO gold sink.
Gold is generated by millions each week out of thin air.
Accumulated gold is growing and growing. What do you spend gold on, a house? Cool that’s 60 one time not including the discounts.

There are literally no daily quests that give gold rewards and town boards give about 2gold each? The economy in this game is upside down.


I would just like to see more emphasis on Factions and less emphasis on Companies.

I don’t feel part of a faction. I don’t feel any sense of loyalty or dedication to my faction. It feels like this system of territory and settlement running was designed to reflect real world elitism and feed the power/money hungry mentality. Wars are too exclusive and too elitist.

PvE’ers or none-War participants shouldn’t be serfs to any company.
I personally wish the settlements themselves had been designed to be neutral zones, or just made so that anyone who wants to join a War within a faction can do so and no one can be kicked out.

Just feels like too much control has been put into the hands of Companies and now we see content gate-keeping and greed because of it.


Players like u also does not, release the truth out, who installed the game for u?

Remove Tax income. Also wipe. !!!Hundreds of millions!!! are sitting in some companies bank. Do you want to explain someone it is normal? :slight_smile: Its like robbers explain why its normal when they steal from you. XD


I think they are still doing things to protect, town income, companies, status quo. By never merging servers to above half capacity it insures, a core group that only logs in to fight a war on demand can always log in to play this game part time as needed without a que. Imagine a professional player that only logs in to 1:20 games they follow for the event only, but had a que and missed it because they aren’t really committed to this game…