Remove trading tax or distribute the tax revenue better

Trading tax makes 0 sense to me. The taxes for crafting and refining make sense, since those incentivice territory owners to upgrade the towns and make the towns more attractive to people. Also home taxation makes some sense since they own the territory.

But why the fuck do the territory owners get a cut on what I have traded? For example, I was crafting a Major Engineering trophy and planned to make profit of around 3-4k on it (compared to just selling the crafting ingredients). When I am selling it for 29k in Everfall with a moderate taxation of 6.6% I am giving the territory owner 800g listing fee and 1.8k trading fee. This company owner who gets 2.2 million each week for free is profiting as much of my work as I do?

This system is unbelievably unbalanced and just makes me want to spam global chat for trade offers.


I’m actually thinking of only selling in Edengrove. None of the companies would get any of my gold. Definitely not using the trading post in Everfall or Windsward anymore. They get enough gold as it is and I highly recommend everyone stop using those two towns for trading…

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