Remove tuning orbs. Entirely. Not lower the cost, not remove the cooldown. Remove the orbs

There’s a lot I hate about this update, but the fact that these are still a thing is just a slap in the face of PVE players.

PVP has OPR and Wars every day if they want.

PVE is literally locked to grinding stupid rocks all week to get a maximum amount of runs which can be done in under 1 session.

Same for arena orbs.



Literally just talking to a buddy about this. It’s just too time consuming for casual players. I have like 4 hours on a good night to play and an hour plus of that is making an orb then 40 mins to run the dungeon… And thats best case if I get enough from portals to make the corrupted stones.

I just think the mats need to be lowered again or drop more frequently. Last night we did all of RW portals and I got 2 green shards…


What I think would be a good compromise is to remove the tuning orbs as a requirement to run the “normal” version of the dungeon, however add in the dungeon mutations and you can craft Tuning Orbs to raise the difficulty and reward types/reward quality.

Allows players to run dungeons whenever you want AND also allows tuning orbs to still be fun as a craft able and viable.

If they did that I think trading the Tuning Orbs would also be cool and could make a healthy market impact.


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I don’t think they should be completely removed.
The Devs want the crafting system to be part of everything.
But they could make it either so it’s much easier to do, or give some free free runs that don’t require a key, or only requiring key for netter rewards of something.
A better balance can be found.

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Just make them tradeable, no need to remove.


You realize nobody can ever again enter dungeons if they remove the orbs.


The whole point is to remove the orbs and let people enter the dungeons when they want. Like, literally, every other MMO to exist with dungeon runs.


I am at 1100 hours, it is too time consuming and unfun for hardcore players.


I have to agree. Remove the orbs, or make it so that when you complete the dungeon successfully, you automatically get a new orb. That would also be OK.
And instead of orbs, put a cooldown timer on the dungeons, so you can only run them once a day.


Why? There’s not enough content to limit PvE activities like this. So why should it be limited at all?


To avoid exploits and abusive farming.
Other games have that too on their harder dungeons. You can’t farm Mythics endlessly in WoW. And you also need a key to enter, by the way.


Do they allow 1 per week? Because right now that’s the cap, I don’t care about genesis because there’s nothing good there for me. All I care about lazarus, even if they don’t remove the orbs, 1/week is way too low.

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I don’t hate the update (I think there are a lot of positives, though I’m still wondering when those 1.1 furniture patterns are going to be fixed), and I feel like I have a lot to do in the game for PVE.

But I do agree with you that tuning orb crafting is overly burdensome and I don’t really get the point behind it. There are better ways of time-gating content that doesn’t make players feel like they’re having to slog through unpleasant busy-work before they can actually play the game.


Here’s how I picture AGS fixing it:

  1. You can no longer craft Orbs.
  2. You get orbs by PvP killing 30 players in a week.
  3. If you have an orb and die, it’s dropped.

This change was made to cater to PvP players, who claim the luck bonus is STILL not getting enough people to bully…I mean, flag up. :upside_down_face:


I think the orbs need to stay. They help the economy of the game and drops in dungeons will be way more valuable because of it.

I do think orbs should be tradeable. I also think that there should not be a such a large timegate (if any) on orbs. If you want to spend all your time or money on orbs go ahead. Though maybe this is in place to stop some of the company whales (ww company / EF company) being able to run the dungeon 100x times for all members of their company.

They need to lower corrupt shards significantly on them (shards in no way help the economy and is just a grind to get them). Motes and quints is a good idea though. But again, maybe the shards are in place for same reason as timegate. It makes it harder to get orbs and overall making the 600gs BIS items in these dungeons much much more valuable.

Runestone is crazy expensive right now for double whammy of arenas and dungeons now requiring it. But again it makes sense why runestone has to be used.

Though at end of day if you think about it if you trade orb for orb within a group of 5 (so you get 5 runs with only using 1 of yours) then it ain’t bad.


Yes orbs need to stay for the dungeons that give top gear. Maybe they could do entry dungeons without CD, or later if they add mutations to dungeon make them require keys and normal variant is free.


Mutation orbs are cool ideas, but not for regular dungeons. Or if you will force the orbs, make the loot drops better, as of now there are maybe one or 2 items that are good in the dugeons.


They need to stop developing this game like some chinese phone gacha and more like a modernized western AAA MMO.


I have to imagine if players liked the WoW game mechanics, they would be playing WoW.

Looking at myself, the more the game turns into a WoW, the least I’m playing it.