Remove watermark system (umbral shard upgrade only)

Undoubtedly, most player losses were due to the watermark and its related changes. People did not accept the eternal torment and you added even more torment. New players afraid to start, reach level 60 and raise the water mark again? Quitting is what his players hate most and the barrier to their return is the watermark system. You can completely evolve this evil system with the umbral system. You add umbral drops all over the game and remove the watermark. Drops are between 500-600 for 60 lvl. But thanks to the umbral shard, even a level 500 item can be upgraded. Thus, people can start the game without hesitation and participate in the activities. Even with the umbral system, you can turn epic items into legendary items and get the 3rd advantage. Maybe a 10k umbral shard or a percent rng system. So anyone can play the game without fear of the 625 gear cover. You can also make Umbral pieces tradable. This will increase pvp-p and endgame options as every event can grant umbral shard.

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I would preffer unlock watermark way early, giving the feel you áre progressing even if your don’t change the armory, also giving a small window to get a Little extra starting watermark

This efectivelly would give new players a good starting poin

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I’d rather not feel that the game is a bad mimic of martial arts. Meaning that only after you reach black belt (level 60 in the game) then you actually start progression. The previous years (levels in the game) were just to get accustomed.

Nah man. I just don’t have the patience and energy to stay around and invest into a hell grind for a game. Martial arts would actually do me some good and thus I’d be thousand times more likely to invest my time in them.

That’s some food for thought for the dev team if they see this post. Don’t piss outside the jar, as we would say in Spain (meaning something like don’t you go and piss on the chips).


Especially when the grind is actually the game , u dont grind here to do something fun or special . grind for the sake of grind is just not the concept that works in this day and age .


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