Remove weapon swap interruption

Look I cant even weapon swap to to do crap in fights but you removed stagger to let me stay on people. Why is this even a thing in the game literally nothing else in-game gets interrupted by basic attacks anymore change this.

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There are more important issues to be addressed at the moment, this isn’t a big problem just live with it.

Amazon is doing what they can atm, no point making all these minor complains when there are larger issues yet to be addressed. Do you think they have the time for such little nitpicks?

So nothing can be written down until the exact time it has to acted on? It a f’ing forum dude its not a 1 post in 1 post out system here. They can query the forums at anytime to get a history of peoples opinions on shit when they choose to work on that piece of the game. Like seeing your post history you’re just a forum warrior getting your count up or some shit.

Alright then, if you aren’t even bothered to see other opinion except your own then have fun. Amazon has implemented this game well and I do not think what you mentioned should be a priority or even considered.

yup weapon swap implementation is horrible right now. needs a buffer or something at minimum to fix it. totally broken state

Yeah I see you running to every feedback posts sucking their dick dude. It was implemented “okay” at best and still has room to improve thats what this whole section is for. Next feedback suggestion is the button to report trolls.

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