REMOVE Weapon swaping all together

Title says it all, just remove it 100% it’s garbage and creates so many nightmares with your attack animations.

Simply give us 6 binds we can hit and the moves animation auto swaps the weapon. This is such a primitive combat system compared to a game like say BDO that is a pure action MMO with a true dual weapon swap system and incredibly fluid combat.

I can’t think of any logical reason to keep it in its current state… it is just:

  • Sloppy
  • Clunky
  • BROKEN! ( NOTHING should interrupt a weapon swap but a STUN cc. )
  • NOT FUN… the entire process feels so mundane to keep having to swap back and forth to do a basic combo of moves… anybody who has played BDO or any fighting game must be cringing so hard every time the most basic of combos fails to click simply due to poor UI response and highly questionable dev choices on every move and attack interrupting.

Removing the entire weapon swap animation would seriously help increase the fluidity of combat, and that is something that is needed badly.



Although I am biased as I am of the opinion that swapping is a lame gimmick for MMO’s.

I think the only MMO that have done swapping somewhat well is GW2 and even there, the swapping (as in what weapons to pair) is incredibly cookie cutter.

The idea of swapping has potential but personally I’ve never played a MMO where swapping feel better than just using a single weapon with 1-30 skills.

Personally, NW has too few skills per weapon to make it interesting plus you can’t for instance make a skill from IG combine with a FG; Frostfire or create a Fire-Ice meteor that slows and does a dot.

Or why not a shield and sword setup;, Shieldbash stun opponent than switch to use two hands on your arming sword (a la Dark Souls) for more damage to exploit the stun.

I would love to see a MMO be able to pull off Dragon Dogma’s magic system one day, where spells are devastating but takeslong to cast and a lot out of the caster

Each to their own.


I would be happy with them just removing attacks from interrupting weapon swaps. Just be immune at all times to any interruption to a weapon swap unless you are hit with a CC that stuns you.

All of the attack animations need to be tuned up an have their run times cut down a bit. They are all long and sloppy animations not designed for combat games. I have played enough action MMOs to honestly say that this one is super sloppy and could use the touch of a Korean dev to clean them up.


Tbh it just needs to be an animation cancel that cancels the recovery time on attacks so it smooth when using and add a little CD like 1-2 seconds

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Warhammer online did this sorta… as a caster you could start a “Chant” and it was like a 3min cast, but if you got it off… it was pretty much the BFG of Warhammer and 1 shot everybody in an area… was hilarious.

Sounds fun.

Never got that far in WO but had some fun being able to level through PvP (which a lot of MMOs incl. NW doesn’t offer).

Swapping need deep interaction with both weapon sets else it’s pretty pointless to have IMO.

I had a fun build taking all the trap tree from rifle, and the big d!ck dps tree from bow… was trying to make a “Hunter” pretty much and kite people…

It works overall, but the combat feels so horrible swaping to drop traps and then back to do a bow cc and back to throw a trap and back to charge shot…

It’s like the biggest battle im fighting is the weapon toggle system and not the player im in combat with.

BDO is not a true action, it has an heavy aim lock. It is more of a tab target system disguised as action. Its combat is purely based on fast rotation/animation cancel and I wouldn’t play NW if it had that system. I agree that they have to improve combat, but please leave that crappy “smash all abilities as fast as you can” thing to games like BDO and TESO.

The way you talk about BDO I know you gave up early on it and never honestly learned how the games Mechanics work for combat, the game is the closest thing you will get to a true fighting game with cancels interrupts grabs throws Blocking… etc…

I played extensively for one year, I know that combat and I rest my case, but you can assume otherwise if it makes you feel batter of course. You can change a setting in GW2 and it becomes close to what you see in BDO, but it’s truly still a tab targeting system. Hell, if you play a ranged class in BDO you don’t even have to precisely aim, you just look at the target and the aim snaps. NW lacks only grabs of the things you meantioned by the way.

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