Removed the stagger from Sticky Bomb to compensate for increased usability

Fix this. Musket has barely Any cc in comparison to literally every class.

literally NO ONE asked for this change at all.

You know what I’ve never noticed in my life, the stagger on the sticky bomb being on the receiving end of it.

Like 100% it both didn’t need to be nerfed

However it didn’t need to be there.

Hopefully next they just make it a dex/str weapon to murder it once and for all

you dont play arenas then, or close quarter a usket. 99% of musket players are garbage. they are only good due to long range shooting.

I’m a 3v3 arena musket player with rapier. The nerf of removing stagger is insane. why does a arrow stagger but a literal exposing doesn’t even cause ANY cc? how do iceles falling on you root you?

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