Removing dungeon keys and adding daily dungeon limits. Are you guys happy now? More timegating


20 mutated dungeons a week.



20 x 6000 = 120k. Where’ the gate?


What are we even talking about here, source of something?

Oh yay!

After my lunch nap, i’m going to watch this <3

It takes less than 20 minutes to run an M10 laz/gen. 20 dungeons is like 6 hours of content.

That is kind of an odd number to pick, most people are going to at least do an orb each a day that run these pretty regular (That aren’t super hardcore)

That’s 35 a week for a fairly casual pace.

Heavies running shard sales are doing way, way, way more than that. I’d understand wanting a limit but 20 seems unreasonable on the face.

Ya this needs to be upped to like 50 mutated dungeons a week.

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can’t bother doing it more than once if even any /day, I feel 20/ week is really more than enough, ofc I respect ur opinion, but there is other things to do in this game and in life in general,


Im worried that devs actualy like gc missions and thats the reason they dont patch arena rewards XD


Ya I am not going to be running dungeons. I have like 500k umbral shards. No point. But for people who are actively playing the game and want to level up GS quickly and stuff this sucks for them

My no gen, laz, or temp account is staying strong. I was going to burn my orbs with the new group finder, but I hope I’ll get everything of value with my 30+ gen orbs.

That’s different for everyone i guess,

If i’m going to run dungeons with my friends we are going to do way more than one run. Usually shotgun 3 or 4 in a row (about an hour or so before i’m too drunk to heal)

Of course i don’t do that many every day but on a long weekend i might.

BUT, if it means they are going to up the rewards/gear that comes out of them in some way i totally get it.

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Also what happens to runestones now? If we are no longer crafting keys?

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I wish I could run 20 mutations a week. I’d be rolling in shards.


yea usually u do more than 20 a week? i get that on weekends, u do 10, but still, during the week, it is till hard to get that

The only people disappointed by the weekly limit are the shard sellers…


Shard sellers will love that.

fancy that, a new timegate of content that provides the mats we need to level up endgame equipment and which gives the most expertise bumps.

That should stretch out the same old endgame content until everyone just leaves and you can turn off the servers.

tbh, I dont even run that many expeditions in a week, and I don’t sell shards, but this is a stupid ass idea.

Sorry that there’s not a nicer way to put that, but this change is arbitrary and the lowest of low hanging fruit when it comes to “solutions” for people consuming your drip fed content too quickly. No reasons for it… Just “here’s a new LIMIT TO YOUR FUN”

Your customers keep saying “stop using timegates and give us more content” and instead we get recycled old content and more timegates.

At some point you won’t keep having customers if you don’t learn how to please them.
This pleases nobody except for some manager somewhere in your company that needed something done right away about X or Y to slow us down. Screw that person, we paid you for fun.


I am no longer worried about it. ALL THE streamers are complaining. This will 100% get changed.