Removing melee auto aim assist

In my honest opinion the melee auto aim should be removed from the game. It’s not a console so we dont need auto aim in a “skill based” mmo.
It doesnt feel rewarding and fun when the game plays for you.
In pvp you cant rly outplay with your movement, jukes and it hurts the experience.
I know there were similiar topics/threads and Idk if a dev made a statement about it so just reminding that imo the melee aim assist is a move in the wrong direction away from skill based.
What do you think guys?


“homing” for hammer and GA was added after a series of changes each making combat worse than before. I believe the person who made those calls is still in charge, so…

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Dexterity weapons don’t seem to have auto aim. Maybe at this point we need to realize that this game is meant for children and move on ;/

on the other hand, with a rapier, you tend to glitch around the target if you arn’t spot on with your “aim”

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