Removing Names in War for a more Fair Gameplay

I do suggest that names of players (at least enemies’ names) should be removed in wars or maybe even in opr. Some really good players are getting targeted hard during war just because they are always up at the leaderboard. It becomes really unplayable for them sometimes. Some players are also always getting bullied on server, and they are getting focused so hard, and they can’t find pvp enjoyable anymore. Without the names, everyone has a more fair pvp experience in war and opr.

Some companies are even giving out bounties to their members for killing a certain specific people during war. This makes the game really unfair. I think players should only be able to see names of the people in their own group or people only on their side (team).

I’m not against the fact that healers should be targeted, but I think people should target a role, not a specific player. You can still target players who are holding a lifestaff in war without the nameplates.

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There is a different reason for this change. The nameplate makes it very difficult if not impossible to set up ambushes or hiding at all.

Admittedly this would make it a bit challenging to determine faction and whether flagged or not. Still this would be a good addition to the game allowing for more spontaneity. It would also allow for more real strategy and tactical experiences. This change would also give prone and crouch real practical value.

Also I’m guessing those saying ‘no’ are players who do focus due to name only. They are also likely giving or receiving bounties.

No for the sheer fact of calling out a heals name to focus etc.

As someone who said no:
Im playing in a hard pvp-oriented company.
Seeing names of players in war is important to focus player ofc. But why is that wrong? For example, we always receive the call from our warlead which enemy players are important, for example enemy warlead. Killing the warlead gives ur team the benefit of him not seeing anything anymore to give calls for. So focussing gives a team the advantage. Sure thing. But is this wrong? I say no, because the other team can do the same thing. Its not like its unfair if both teams can use it for their own advantage. Its just a tactic. Nothin wrong i can see with that from a sheer pvp perspective


Musket players will be crying if you removed the name template. It would be 10x harder for them.

I would say No to this as well.

If a team is participating in trying to focus down players (who are not healers) , it would be disadvantageous for their team, example lets say 5 people are trying to focus down and kill 1 player, if the player can kite and remain alive, it would make the rest of the fight 49 v 45 , and if two teams had similar skill levels and similar gears, the 49 would win most of the times.

If a team is participating in killing random people based on bounties , etc , then they are not focusing on killing strategically, which will be a disadvantage to that team, and might even lead to them losing, unless there is a overwhelming difference in skill or gear.

Lastly, removing nameplates would make it harder to identify and coordinate killing healers and other strategically important targets (example tanks, shotcallers, etc). This would make it much harder for the attacking team than the defending team, as the defending team doesn’t really need to focus on killing, they just need to focus on surviving and not losing the points for 30 minutes. The imbalance between attacking team and defending team would be much worse than it is now, if such a change is implemented.

If I appeared to be making a fairness judgment that wasn’t the intention of the post. Mostly it was focused on increasing the fun of open world tactics. Also, increasing the usefulness of ingame mechanics like crouch and prone.

In the last comment I was not trying to judge negatively those who were saying ‘no’. Although now I can see how that might be taken. It was meant as a tongue in cheek comment on the long and growing list of ‘no’s’ that made up this thread.

Don’t misunderstand I do think the statement was a correct assessment. It just wasn’t intended as an attack.

Personally the OP does make two good points. If a handful of players are being made miserable that wouldn’t be good for the PvP community. It’s difficult enough, at least on my server to get a full queue for OPR.

As well driving off people even if it’s just a group doesn’t seem healthy for the PvP community in general. PvP’rs should be doing the opposite.

At first knowing they have a bounty on them certainly raises pride in their skills. After a while this will grow old as the player wearies of barely being able to do anything in OPR and Wars.

Admittedly how in the world can you win either event without focus fire and selecting opponents. This is something that isn’t being considered by the OP.

Again this is not a fairness question so far it’s just a pragmatic one.

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Should they remove the nameplates, no. What this game really needs are some quality of life update on how you can individualize your own UI.
If you are Playing Musket its sometimes really hard to see playermodels because of all the nameplates so there should be an option to only show you 1 target
There should also be an option to show you only enemies instead of all players (friendlys can also be very obscurring when it comes to battlefield overview. But all of this needs to be modular and set to your role, if your role is warlead u need an good overview on playernumbers so max nameplates . If you are in a mobile flex grp you want to see around 5 names to make out core players. If you are ranged u want to see player models so 0-1 nameplates for instance.

What do you guys think?

Nameplates are important in my opinion because we know who the best healers are on the server. We know who the best musket and bow players are, so when they are spotted they are a high priority target. There are about 5 healers everyone in our faction knows due to them being number 1 or 2 in healing every war.

Also, it’s very common in MMO’s to know exactly who the best healers and DD’s are. It creates a reputation for those players. It’s actually a huge part of wars. “Kill kadalis and brexxa on sight.” Is said over discord constantly.

It’s true even in other parts of the game. Some modular ability would be very welcome.

The one UI aspect of muskets is the ammo counter being immediately to the right of the reticle. It’s incredibly distracting for me. There have been a few times of unwittingly using it’s pointer as the reticle in the heat of the moment. Along with this the reticle quickly disappears in the flood of spell effects even when partially turned down.

Part of combat is learning how to position oneself to have clear views. Included with this is not standing in front of a rifleman. This could be solved with friendly fire (j/k).

Making enemies the only visible thing on the field is a bit drastic. It also removes good portion of the challenge in working with a large group. Players should have to be tactical in their positioning and movement.

While it’s currently not possible to remove all nameplates except for core players. However, the game setting do allow for reducing the overall number of nameplates to five.


There are already mechanics for reducing your visibility. Crouch. Go prone. Don’t dye yourself bright pink in a grey, brown, and green world.
Targetting key enemies and focusing fire is as integral to group vs. group pvp as pushing together to share armor.

In the last sentence of the post this is mentioned, How could anyone fight in a War or an OPR without focus fire and selecting targets.

There is also mention of crouch and prone along with their usability. To explain further it’s difficult to make either position usable except at a great distance. Even then hovering over another player their nameplate will pop.

Not to be rude, but your statements seem to be trying to inform me as to what the post already covers. There don’t appear to be any responses as to what was said. Perhaps this is a misreading of your post.

/shrug Take it as a general opinion of the issues brought up in the thread.

There is nothing non-working about crouch and prone. They work just fine and are pretty decent dodge the incoming headshot maneuvers. When we are doing influence push wars, the strike force prone in the grass seems to work very nicely as well.

You seem somewhat invested in the idea of removing nametags. I disagree with your points and the idea of doing so.