Removing Names in War for a more Fair Gameplay

Somewhat invested, but doesn’t it make sense to be invested in your opinion?

In the meantime being prone in high grass will be interesting to try out.

I’d be interested to hear if you have a response to the function of hovering over targets even behind bushes or at great distances that will pop their nameplates?

Should it be examined?

Would their even be a solution?

No. No real reson to do it.

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If you have actual cover mouseover does nothing. Not sure what the visible portion has to be, as I am not that invested in theorycrafting that. I am neck deep in threat theorycrafting for the forseeable future. I can confirm that zero visible pixels=no mouseover detect. I would guess that you have to mouseover some visible pixel.

Note that the game does seem to count even like strands of hair as visible ie no standardized ‘hit box.’ So tall hats and clown wigs are a bad idea even when they aren’t bright pink.

Nameplates on mouseover at great distances should never be removed. Spotting and identifying the gank squad fast is the best way to avoid the gank.

Thanks for the response.

On another thread you posted about threat aggro levels.

Not sure this helps but my character can pass within the exact same distance of two different mobs of the same type, same level, and on the same terrain.

One will completely ignore me the other will aggro me. Which I’ve never been able to understand.

There is absolutely not point in doing that.

Part of sometimes strategies is to identify strong and weak points.

As a team even if we are not the best players around if we can harass too much the best players we can win WAR/OPR, same applies to weaker player sometimes we focus them to drop numbers sometimes we just ignore them.

I really do not want to be rude but most of the time people are looking at their score (which is garbage computed) and KDS where in reality if you died a lot but you succeed in splitting people, lure them out of point you are a gold guy and I love you.

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Exactly my point of why names should be removed. You can still focus on healers without names - target whoever holding a life staff. Target the role not the specific player.


Yeah that’s a NO… If you don’t wanna be seen just go prone

You get rid of nameplates and I guarantee you that everyone will wear the same skin and color so then you’re forced to look ONLY for the weapons or type of dodge while in a 50v50 battle.

That sounds like a nightmare.

I think a good compromise would be to hide names, whilst you are moving and for 5 seconds after you stop moving.

To simulate the idea that when you are moving you are focused on the terrain, when you stop you look around for enemies.

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