Rename some faction quests to Elite


Following last patch some named monsters in Ebonscale have been more than seriously buffed, making the faction quests that asks to kill them impossible to do when playing solo.

Yes, I’m aware, that the simple solution, is just to group to do those quest, but when I’m in “brain off” mode, doing faction quest solo without paying too much attention, I only check that the quest don’t says “Elite” or “Expedition”, not what the actual target is.

So it would be much appreciated if those quest on “Ivan the Inevitable” or “Cedral” for exemple would be tagged as Elite, because they can no longer be done solo or with a small group of 2 players if one is not a healer.




up :slight_smile:

Even before the patch, many faction quests to kill named enemies were basically overtuned compared to the stated level and supposedly being “Solo”. And less so if you didn’t use one of the comparatively overtuned weapons like hatchet or hammer and tried anything else.

It’s clear that AGS didn’t playtest this and with various weapon combos.

Yup clearly, I did not play hatchet or hammer, because I don’t like them, not that I do not recognize their efficiency, it’s just that I don’t like them, hence I feel penalized compared to other players …

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