Rend & Fortify Caps?

What is the cap on rend?

And is there a cap on fortify? (If so, what is it?)

From what I have been told it is 50% on fortify and 30% on rend but I don’t know what the actual confirmed numbers are.

Might test on ptr tommorow

rend is 50% on paper but it drops off significantly after 30% so that’s all you need. Don’t know about fortify.

i was able to hit 55% with defiance stance and fortifying sacred ground seems to drop off after 50

rend acted weird on time with shockwave-armor breaker-perforate at first I was able to get around 50% rend then all of a sudden it started to cap at 30% so I’m not sure.

Defiant Stance isn’t fortify, it’s a BaseDamage modifier ie Armor Bonus etc, and has no cap.

Rend & Fortify work as a slider. You can have up to 50% fortify or down to 30% rend. Meaning if the target has 50% fortify you can apply up to 80% rend so the target will have 30% rend.

Numbers are calculated with the uncapped amount meaning if a Target has 80% fortify, only 50% is effective but you would need 30%+ rend to start reducing from the effective 50% fortify.

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