Render Lag In War - 11 Oct 2021

Last night my company and I (Restless - Marauders) had a war on Eridanus (EU) and experienced severe render lag for the second time since the infamous “hitscan patch”. Enemies would remain stationary (in highly congested areas) and we could not get them off the points but for some reason, they were still able to damage us. I noticed a lot of Ice Gauntlet and Firestaff users but didn’t pay any mind to it at that stage.

We were defending our main base at Everfall and were steamrolled within 15min. This was the first defence loss (by any company) on our server since the release date. We lost the first 3 points within minutes and tried our best to defend our keep but to no avail.

After searching for similar descriptions on the forum I found out that this situation has been documented by other users in the recent past. Here is an example extract and link:

Even if we lost this war due to the Ice Gauntlet “Glitch/ Exploit” being unintentional, this still has to be resolved asap. 50v50 Wars are so much fun when we can see what is happening on the battlefield.

I’m afraid that if we start working towards retaking our lost territory and the exploit has not been resolved we would not be able to be successful.

The only thing we want is to #PlayNewWorld without war exploits and render lag


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