Repair costs still to high

As title. The repair costs are still FAR TO HIGH. The amount of gold at 60 is FAR TO LOW.

Gold at 60 -
Gather 0.01 per item sold
Selling stuff on markets - OMEGALOL yeah stuff dont sell.
Grinding 0-20 Gold per hour
Town boards - 3-30 gold per hour
Outpost Bot & musket + great axes are broke so why bother Rush - 170 assuming you lose if you don’t use any of the broken weapons, perks & heavy armor
Melting down drops - Depends solo 0-12, party 0-40.

Ideally this should of been fixed in 1.1 with the changes. So there is no excuse the devs can make at this point for those suffering right now, you are Idiots plain, simple & justified! Because in Beta per townboard earnings nerf this wasn’t an issue WAS IT!

Furniture items able to be stored taking up bag weight.
Guilds cranking up housing Taxes to exploit the “discount” which removes the discount & they pocket the gold which they should be banned for!
I rest my case!

I need to make this perfectly clear. This level of Stupid is unacceptable in any game.
I left with full armor, grinded, came back with repair costs & not enough gold to cover it, meaning there is more cost to play the game than there is rewards from playing.

Amazongames workers let me put this in terms you can understand, you pay Amazon $20 an hour to work at there studio for 8 hours a day 7 days a week & come back & tell us how rewarding it is, how fun it is.

Just seen another post regarding this, but your post like thiers is more a anger post regarding alot of things that are all very true issues.

Again like i said to the other fellow, why not take a step back from the game like alot of us are doing until it’s in a better shape?. Better to not burn out on New World with all the current issues. When we can wait a few months and come back in fresh with hopefully a better game to boot.

Also those lads are away currently for Thanksgiving (some American Holiday) so don’t expect much for now.

Mind you i have mountains of gold and items chilling when i do return so i am hoping the market corrects itself as well in the next year or so.

Here’s how I lowered my repair costs…

I stopped playing this pos


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