Repair kit is a scam!

I bought a repair kit for 135gold and used it dragging it to an item. It only have 1 use so it disappears after using it.

Don´t waste your money

You think its scam because you cant read??? Or what thing makes you think its for unlimited repairs?

PS repair kit cost for 0.01 to 60g is ok


Not to addressed your issue but do you happen to know the gold cost of repair the 1 said item vs kit? I am generally curious about their use going into 60.

where it says that is only for 1 use? It worth 135 repair parts plus craft ability plus get items and ability to craft.

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The T5 repair kits are pretty easy to make.

Cost for repairing a late game item is like 100-120g

So just don’t spend more than that on those kits

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Common sense? Logic? If on description NO words like “unlimited” or “multiple” that means its for single use by default???

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Common sense? xD

I though it was for save on repair parts only… but unlimited use… lmao

Also common sense the picture description is about tools for repair… Do you buy one time tools? xD

Repair kits are still costing coin when you use them. Until they’re fixed they are useless.

Especially since repair parts are really easy to get…

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