Repairs in PVP - REMOVE IT!

For pvp, disable repairs or at least make it so that your equipment degrades at a standard rate.
I spent 2k coin (down to 5k now) trying to push Windsward into conflict.

Was the pvp fun? yes! was it worth the prospect of having to spend another 2-3 hours to earn the coin back? no.

Lag aside, you die far more often than in PVE scenarios. It’s stated that you take less durability loss in pvp… i would like to call BS. just take it out already. make pvp enjoyable so i don’t have to look at my wallet to see if i can pvp or not due to repairs.

also… fix the strength bug already. if you’re at or above 250 strength you’re a sitting duck because of the animation delay. FIX IT



repair kits are a joke. they repair ONE item slot.

also, they have to be for sale or you have to craft them. not worth it. if they were multiple uses? maybe.

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