Repeated 6 Day Temporary Bans

I have been trying to get in contact with AGS in regards to a repeated temporary ban on an account and have had nothing but automated responses from the support tickets. Is there any other avenue to get more information on this? This account is on its 3rd 6 day temporary ban and I would like to know if there is an end in sight or if this will be a perpetual issue?


I too am curious about the answer to these questions? If the ban is a “6-day temporary ban” why has it been renewed over about 21 days now?


guess they ain’t finished, like they said previously… which is awkward

What kind of cheating were you guys busted for? Was it really REALLY bad maybe?

u don’t know it… thats the point

they say u cheated, but what? they don’t answer it


you mention like they said previously, would you happen to have a link for that? TBH I haven’t been able to find it/not sure where to look.

I mean… if you’re the one that got banned, wouldn’t you know what sort of cheating you did? Duping? Wallhack? Trophy bug? Being a jerk in Global?


u even get banned by getting spam reported. so how would u know?

hit 5mil+ dmg in invasion got me twice temporary banned aswell… :thinking:

atleast i believe that was the reason ( was a territory of another faction )

but idk they never told me what happened.

and they never do to anyone.

And to be honest all I would like is a response from customer support on what they plan for the future. Like will I just be continuously temp banned or is there a point where all this will end? Id prefer it if they just stopped leading me on with “well your ban will be lifted in x amount of days” just for it to be refreshed.

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I know people who consistently hit 6M+ in invasions and aren’t banned.

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ye nowdays, that was back in mai…^^

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So still not perma banned which leads me to believe there will be an end to it. It sounds like that end should have happened yesterday, yet here we are.

From what I’ve heard on various different discords and on here, some people who did the trophy glitch didn’t get their items removed. I imagine they temporarily banned everyone again to ensure they got all the items.

But, as I don’t work for AGS, I have no idea what’s happening.

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That would make sense but some info from AGS would have been nice to have and would probably help mitigate alot of these threads.


might be a reason idk

Imagine if our criminal justice system worked like that… Judge gives you 10 years for a crime and you do your time only for them to say on your day of release that they are going to give you another 10 years. Even Michael Vick got a second chance…


You are absolutely right. And the customer support emails all stated the ban would be done at a certain date only to be reinstated multiple times. So it’s like they’re customer support really have no access to what is happening with the band.


Odd part is the ban was lifted for about 12 hours yesterday, then reinstated.


just think if you didnt cheat you wouldnt be in this predicament @Miittyy