Report all bug abusers

everyone needs to start reporting every one that bug abuses, including the hatchet damage glitch otherwise this game will be ruined by bugs devs can only work so fast.


do u rly think they will ban or suspend everyone who just use hatchet?

Of course not, I report them anyway. If we all ignore it nothing will be done.

Only so much that can be done at the moment. It is still very early for ban waves for instances of abusing bugs to be enforced. Duping and flat out exploitation in my opinion is a bit different than using the hatchet bug. The biggest thing that gets on my nerves is the spamming of website ads in Global. I think a system similar to the Player Moderator (PMod) system that Jagex had in RS would help a lot.

Massively agree, the amount of people complaining about the game being full of bugs, are more than likely the same people actively trying to break the game, and seek out exploits

guys u understand u cant just ban ppl for using hatchet? many ppl dont even know theres a bug and like hatchets think amazon patched them nice… need just to fix it asap

Every game of outpost rush there is about 3-5 per team… its pretty obvious when they are hitting you for 5k

get a life. how much of a child can you act like?

the hatchet bug isn’t being done by anyone intentionally. it’s not like they’re hacking, or intentionally breaking the game in anyway. the game got broke by amazon. how would you like it if someone acting like a whinny brat started reporting you for using your main weapon, because amazon broke it in a patch. The hatchet users likely didn’t even know it was broken until folks like you started making stupid posts like this.

you gonna stop using your weapon because amazon doesn’t know how to patch their game? I don’t think so, and you’d be the first person in these forums screaming and crying about an unfair ban if amazon actually decided to ban people for using a weapon they broke.

sounds like your a hatchet abuser

sword and shield and warhammer

though i have 10+ levels in every weapon, just cause i felt like it when i was around lvl.40 and rather bored one weekend. used the pig farm to grind up the weapons i haven’t used. When i use/carry a 3rd weapon it’s usually the greataxe. occasionally the lifestaff; and yeah, around lvl.50 i used the hatchet for a bit when open world pvping. got bored of left click spam.

and no, i’ve not used it during the bug. no reason to do so, even fought in a couple of wars and got yeeted once by someone using a hatchet. doesn’t bother me.

As a hatchet user (PVE) I strongly disagree. I was using this hatchet before this issue and will continue using it whether this bug is present or not. How can it be my fault? Why should I be banned for something I can’t control? I’m not doing a respec at current prices either only to have to respec back when it’s fixed.

Hatchet users are not at fault here, they are just using the weapon they have probably used since the beginning. To ban them for something they have no control over is illogical and entirely without foundation.

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