Reported this bot since about month ago i think but it's still here

AP - Delos


bump where’s mod or dev or anyone can ban

They don’t care.
Bots probably make up the vast majority of new purchases of the game.
Hence its the only way thwyre making money off this train wreck.

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huh that makes sense actually

I actually think they do care…but, they need to explain what the heck things like this are happening for too.

but the faster they ban the faster the bot user would buy another game for the new accounts. so more profit actually if they ban faster

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Sounds like this should give AGS incentive to farm their faces and ban them as fast as possible. And, go after those receiving huge sums of gold too.

3hours report will be reviewed in dev vids. 3 hours in uranus time

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uh well no respond. there is another famous ori miner bot named Yanko in AP - Delos. bunch of people already reported it since long time ago, but it’s still here! wow

a week later. it’s still here. amazing 3 hours review by AGS moderation team

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