Reporting Bots does not work

Managed to use tents to get some of them stuck under the bridge:

Something needs to be done about this.


Bots on Orun are still there as of 12/14 late evening. They were doing their usual runs out of the Cutless Keys town. Good spot for T1 mats of all kinds, but the 3 of them pretty much have it to themselves. Impossible to farm in the area.

@Luxendra changed the category but didn’t respond to the post regarding bots overrunning the economy and the game in OPR and resources.


Sorry, only the Game Moderation team can handle in-game moderation actions like actioning on bots and they’re part of the Support Team. This feedback should be in this section.

I understand that. But the GM team hasn’t done anything on Orun for the bots. Most of these bots have been running for 2 weeks+ with no action.

@Luxendra Shouldn’t EAC be adjusted or replaced if it can’t detect farming bots? (obviously replacing is a bad idea as it would be ridiculously expensive to replace.)


To be quite honest, I’m not sure how to answer this. I’ve forwarded the feedback onto their team but I’m a bit out of my scope for things like these.


Fair enough, well I hope this reaches the correct party of AGS. seeing more bots than players outside of the towns is starting to frustrate me.

Agree. I’ve reported kbtq on yggdrasil several times, yet that bot is sitting at the same iron node for weeks.

I’m sorry… maybe you’re tired but this sentence confuses the directions you are trying to give…In what section? Is there an In-Game Moderation section on the forums? If so, why not provide a direct link just to be nice and show a bit of assistance to the playerbase. …and in your next post…you almost sound frustrated. Well at least that proves you are human with human emotions but it is not a good look to essentially throw up your arms and declare ‘I don’t know what to tell you, m‘dude!’

If the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing; it’s time to clap. Get clapping and find answers.


Thanks for your efforts. However, given that bots are now also totally destroying the PvP aspect of this game, and AGS isn’t doing jack about it, I expect nothing to be done. Letting bots and exploits spoil absolutely everything means that what started as a great idea will be a F2P wasteland with one server soon.

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You do realize it’s pretty hard for AGS to really tell if they are a bot. The usual process for a GM to see if it’s a bot or not would be to send a direct message to the player, usually botting software will have some alarm set up for these sort of tells so the player can get to the keyboard and respond. Can’t really call them a bot if that happens as there is a player at the keyboard. This is how it is in many other games, so unless the player doesn’t respond and continues their bottish behavior when a GM tries communicating then they probably aren’t being banned.

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Bots are now running pvp missions on my server (City of Brass / US East) in Windsward. We’re all building tents which block them for a while… but they’re building jumps and turns into their script that get past the tents eventually. The bots have yellow at 50% influence right now to Conflict WW.

I’m yellow, so I’m not appalled at the progress… but I’d be really frustrated if I were the current owner of WW.

I’d have to agree that reporting seems to have very little impact. We see bots in chat and farming for days after many people are reporting them. I would guess that the moderation team is extremely backlogged and/or understaffed. I would recommend AGS consider opening a volunteer system similar to EQ Guides, UO Mentors, etc… to help with some of the burden that AGS is honestly & visibly struggling with. And I say that with love, because I love NW and want it to stick around for a long time.

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They have the ability to spawn invisible anywhere in the world and observe. This should be the way they find the bots. The software is getting sophisticated but there are tell tale signs; stopping at every node even if it is depleted; the pattern of defending against aggro mobs… if my smooth brain can easily suss out a bot from a player, then a game mod with basic training and tools at their disposal would make this an EASY endeavor.


I worked in the guide program for several years in EverQuest. I did not have to deal with any cheaters; typically newbies being stuck somewhere (often behind a closed door they never learned how to interact with) and it was a really fun experience. During downtime’s I’d give out cookies and do fireworks shows and go beneath the world to clear out all the monsters that clipped through the geometry to keep the lag down. :slight_smile: …a big issue in Field of Bone.


Same here, and then again in Age of Conan. Both times were very rewarding and it really feels good for players to know there’s a local presence. The powers don’t have to be extensive and 1 employee could manage the “fleet” - it makes sense to me, but I don’t manage a game company… so shrug.

The current scenario seems to have a negative snowball effect… the longer bots spam/farm, the more people are going to report… the more tickets will be generated and the more buried AGS gets. If they don’t get on top of the pile, it just builds and builds.

(Unless it’s the issue someone above mentioned where they ARE on top of the pile but can’t verify the bot farming. But I don’t think that’s the case, because the chat spammers are sticking around equally as long and that is slam-dunk easy to spot and ban)

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There’s a bot on my server that operates on all the hemp nodes to the south of Everfall. it follows the same loop over and over, goes to every node and attempts to harvest, runs into town, hits the storage and the trading post and then repeats. So many people on the server have been reporting it for weeks, and it’s still there all day every day. Last I saw it (this morning) it was level 38, presumably all from the harvesting XP.

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The problem there is that they’d have to pay people to do that. That’s why they invest in automated tools that do a terrible job compared to a real person that costs the equivalent of a cosmetic armor set per hour or two to employ.

I’m pretty close to calling this game a write-off. I’m just happy I won my copy from the Battle for New World event rather than paying for it. I want to love it but it’s clear AGS (as a company) does not. Individual staff are doing what they can, but the solution doesn’t lie with a single GM, dev or customer service rep. It lies with management and they’re clearly under “Recoup investment at all costs” orders.

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I checked at around 2pm PST Nov. 15th 2021.

One of them is even Level 60 lmao

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Please send it up the pipeline that we need in-game GMs. It’s not saving any effort to have players report things like level 1 gold sellers running a bot that DMs anyone who posts in chat. These nuisances persist for days or weeks, when reps presumably eventually have to wade through 50 reports on it.

It would be much faster for a moderator to be monitoring the discussion in chat on several servers, teleport to the level 1 autorunning on the beach and deal with it right then. It’s about the same level of effort on AGS’ part, works better, and makes it harder for gold sellers to keep making money. Bonus: it reduces the annoyances legit players have to deal with!

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Nice to see several offline. Hopefully it’s offline cause of banned.