Repost: AFK Detection Update

We have seen a lot of frustration around individuals who may be artificially remaining active enough in servers to avoid the automatic AFK mitigation that is built into New World. We certainly agree that this is not acceptable behavior, especially when there are droves of individuals who are waiting patiently to get into a world. We have created a new solution to help us identify and action against bad faith AFK players.

We will not disclose the details of how the solution works, but we will say that we have every confidence that players who are playing New World normally will not experience any issues. Initially, being caught by our detection solution will result in a quick kick to the main menu. If the behavior continues, more harsh penalties will be applied.

This effort is going to be rolled out over a period of time, so results may not appear immediate, but this is something we are dedicated to bringing online as quickly as we feel comfortable.


@ HardcoreHenry

You know and I know that the measures you can legally take stops at what programs we are running.
You know and I know that what you can look for are repeated patterns.

You know and I know that those are the only counter measures you actually have and you know and I know that it is extremely easy to circumvent both measures.

Let’s not beat a dead horse here, these measures are inadequate. You know it and I know it.

You have had plenty of time to bring new servers online. You should have had a transfer character system in place at launch and you should have brought more new servers online - you’ve had 5 days and you know and I know it would not take Amazon 5 days to bring a the necessary cloud servers to satisfy demand online and with these new servers people should have had the chance to relocate.

But please, let’s shift the blame of Amazon inadequacies to the playerbase why not. That’ll go over well with us :).


It is a very easy method. All they have to do is to look at how far you as a player move. If you stay in the same “area” for a long time. Let’s say 1 hour, then they can ask you a question only a human can reply. These solutions are used everywhere online now to avoid macroing/bots. A honest player would not mind such question each hour if they actually bother to farm in the same smal area.

This method will break any macro method I know of.

And yes, many of us players are blaming those players that block gametime for SEVERAL other players! You are not the main problem, that is for Amazon to fix, but you sure add to the problem!


So, now you’re telling me that I should be harassed by Amazon for simply enjoying playing the Market in the game I bought and paid for because I didn’t move far enough in a certain amount of time…?
Yeah, let me put it like this: No game has such an AFK detection system.

Their AFK detection systems always functions off:

  1. Known script programs.
  2. Repeated patterns.

In any game with AFK detection.


Are you a programmer? I say, this is easy to implement! It is up to the devs. But do not think they can’t make effective measures.

What I say is that you should follow ingame rules! And we ALL paid to play the game. Your logic is selfish (if you use AFK macro that is!).

And harrased? Would you be harrased with a Q “4+2= .”, that only comes if you are static for 1 hour (which a normal player almost never are).

EDIT: Do not take my proposal as a critic to your argument on main blame is on Amazon themselves! They absolutely have to pick up the “mantle” and fix this mess asap!

Yes, I am in fact a programmer and I do actually work for a Game Studio and I can tell you there first of all are legal limitations as to what you are allowed to look at on people’s computer and that while you could make a system such as this, it doesn’t mean it would be a feasible implementation.

  1. You cannot spy on people’s computer. They can see what you have running, yes, but they are not allowed to see what you actually do on your computer - ie. they cannot spy on your RAM. Legal limitations and all that.

  2. You can easily implement such a system, yes and then everyone that has a very specific route of harvesting would get kicked because they were in the same area for extended periods of time or everyone that just enjoys playing the Market are kicked for being in the same area for extended amounts of time. Heck, my guild alone has 5 people that just plays the Market all day every day and have gotten extremely wealthy because of that. Such systems are not implemented, because while it is totally possible, it would hit everyone. It is incidentally also why you can bypass such AFK measures because spreading the net too far means everyone gets caught in it.

  3. Of course that is harassment of your playerbase. I didn’t pay for this game to answer math questions or anything else every x hours.


The queue time has become unbearable as now it takes longer to enter the game from 700 queue than when it was 3000. I suspect this is due to inability of Amazon to address the population cap and because of those that use diverse methods to stay in game even when not playing it. Instead of wasting energy and resources on policing the servers how about RAISE THE F…ING CAP


How about making it so the people who might have to leave their homes to work can actually play with their friends during the brief windows of time they may have? I already know of several people who are faced with having bought a game that they are unable to actually play.

And you’re focusing on player macros right now? Seems a bit absurd.


When you queue for 7 hours and then ‘loginfailed’

When that happens 6 times in a row, for 2 days.

Amazon, fix your queues and server. Its your fault, not the player’s. Be responsible.


I have to say that running into a wall doesn’t work anymore…

PS. Don’t asked me how do I know that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :smirk:

Amazon games caused this, not the players, the players reacted to never ending queues by trying to avoid the queue by staying in game and avoiding the AFK timers.

all this effort to fix an issue amazon caused.

customer driven my arse!


As a fellow programmer you know very well that how and where your charachter moves are a deciding factor on server side. I have not spoken against your argument about what can be done at computer level at all. Take a review of what I suggest and you will see whee I am going with this.

  1. Irrelevant for my suggestion.

  2. You are required to sit before your computer and look at the screen. So how will a question that pops up every hour do any harm? It would not hit everyone. it would only hit those that are macroing and are afk, and a few other use cases that are very rare!!!

  3. As a anti macroing (anti-bot) system, it is totaly in their rights to implement it. You are exxagerating the problem cause you like to macro, that is what I read out of this.

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They are aware that this ADDS to the problem. They know very well that it is not the main issue, as you can easily read from numerous posts.

Seems like they make you reenter your place int he queue. I got a disconnect, restarted PC, and even then got back in my place in the queue. So there is at least that.

I mean, you are obviously not a programmer. The very first mistake you did was to say movement is server sided. It is not.
It is both client and server sided and it is a communication between the two of them including synchronization between the two of them - that is why rubber banding can happen because the client says X and the server says Y and usually the server gets to win that battle.

The server is calculating where the character ought to be and the client is feeding it the information it use in the calculations. In order for the server to do this calculation it needs input from the client - that is to say your mouse and keyboard.

Can you just. Stop talking now?


Its not macroing its easy you put something on keyboard button and leave game.
Only what helps is if player was running on wall or stand in 1 place comes confirmation are you here if player not press he gets auto kick its easyest way todo. There no need ban players any sort because antiafk isnt implemented and legit is run to wall. If game currently allows afk that mean its legit bug.

Oh the arroganse. I did not say it is ONLY server side. I claimed that the server has all the info it needs. There is no need to look at computer side at all for this method.

There are other legal methods to look at your computer through what for instance EAC can do. And you must know this aswell. But I am not (again) talking about this!

Fyi: I was dealing with rubber banding even back before CS was a thing!

EDIT: You probably know many use their house as the “movement area” for like 8+ hours? You telling me the server can’t see this? Ok… back to school i guess.

But you did.
Now, please stop talking, thank you.


Yes, I’ve read them. And I reiterate my original statement.

All of this. Full time worker and parent. Can’t play the game unless I take time off. That’s ridiculous.

I agree wholeheartedly.