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Dear adventurers!

Our team has worked hard to set up and test the server transfer functionality. Unfortunately our tests have revealed some special cases where the transfer does not meet our quality standards. We want to allow all of our players to find their permanent place in Aeternum as soon as possible, but this cannot be at the expense of a smooth and optimized transfer experience for all. As a result, we have decided to take extra time to resolve these issues before giving our players the Free Transfer Token.

To keep you all informed, please find answers to our community’s most frequently asked questions about server transfer.

How do I transfer my character?

You need to connect with your character, knowing that there may be queues.
Go to the in-game store where there will be a tab to activate your character transfer
Leave your Company
Cancel all your sales and purchase orders at the Comptoirs
Your character must be in a sanctuary (for example a Colony or an Outpost)

What will I keep with my transfer?

You keep all the progress of your character
You keep your faction alliance and progress
You keep your inventory and storage
You keep your money
You keep your house and all its decorations
You keep your quest progress

What will I lose with my transfer?

Your company subscription must be completed before you start your transfer, it cannot be transferred.
Your sales and purchase orders at the counters must be canceled and cannot be transferred
Friend lists are world specific, these lists cannot be transferred.

Where can I transfer my character?

  • You can transfer your character to any world in your region, except:
  • a world already full
  • a world whose maintenance is in progress
  • a world where you already have an existing character

Will I have the option to transfer my character a second time if I choose the wrong world, if the world with my friends is full, or if I don’t like the world I transferred my character to?

To make a second transfer, you will need a second token. Our team will monitor the changing populations of the worlds, the queues and assess the need to authorize new transfers. As soon as our players have had enough time to find their server, we will offer transfer tokens in the store. We will give you information in advance, before the tokens become chargeable.

We know our server transfers are highly anticipated and we want to ensure the best possible experience for all of our players. Thanks for your patience, we hope to be ready next week. We have put all our resources into this and will continue until all transfers have taken place.

If you want to transfer to another server within your world set and there is not an existing character yet on that server, will that be allowed?

I can see then tab for transfer in the store but nothing is there. Is this known?

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Thank you for doing this collage of information for easy digestion.

Will the given token remain or will it be deleted after a while?

Wdym, my friends playing at server, where registration closed. You promise in twitter, that we can transfer to ANY worlds without conditions. Only coz that i went to low pop server, so i can play. And now you telling me not? Are you kidding? I would rather stand in Q than I can’t play with my friends.

You are so filthy.


you guys need to unlock end game content / arena / raid / portals something and u need to unlock region transfers not just server transfers but allow players to transfer different regions and from west to east and east to west you have lost a huge amount of players already and the game is going to fail im trying to help because i no longer am playing right now myself as soon as i heard that the game will not allow region transfers
please realize this and open it up

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