Repurchase houses lost?

So will we be getting all our furniture back too or can we just re-purchase the shell and the rest is lost?

And does this mean we have to pay the full price again as well or something? Wtf did we do to deserve that.


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Hello to all,

I’m sorry for the inconvenience this is causing you, if you still are having issues with your houses please reply with this info so I can add to the escalation.

  • an approximate date, hour and timezone of when the house was purchased
  • the exact location of the house (which Settlement + which house in Settlement has been purchased by the player)
  • player’s character name
  • world/server name

Thank you all so much for your patience.

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Sorry about that, I see it was already added to the proper ticket, no updates on it yet. I will move your post to the one that is linked with this ticket.

Take care.

You’re literally messing with us now

Not only did you mess my post up but you moved it into an unrelated post, and you didn’t answer it at all.

I posted exactly what you want already in another topic… My house in weavers fen is still bugged after the patch so here we go again:

Character Name: Asharla
World: Ravenal (EU)
Approx. Time: About 13:30 CET on rollback day
House location: Weavers Fen, Yellow 20k House right in front of the Arcane Repository

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