REQUEST: 1-Minute Re-Log Grace Period OR /Reload Command

Yesterday I had a 3-hour queue time I sat through only to log in and see that I had no visible location cursor/icon. This made the game completely unplayable because I couldn’t see where I was going to get to a quest or point of interest.

So I had to relog in hopes that would fix the bug. Then I sat in ANOTHER 3-hour queue simply because I re-logged to try and fix a bug that was Amazon’s fault. Luckily the cursor was back once I re-logged, but at the expense of 6 wasted hours.

Not only that, but the rest of my evening was filled with disappearing quest icons, icons NOT disappearing after completion and other various bugs that I was too afraid to re-log to fix due to insane queue times.

At least with WoW, you can do “/reload” in game to fix issues like this. If you guys can’t be bothered to implement a simple refresh command, at least give us a 1-minute grace period for relogging if we need to address any of the NUMEROUS bugs in the game right now.

For a company Amazon’s size, this is beyond unacceptable. If you agree there should be a short re-log grace period to skip queue or a “/reload” command in game, please blow this thread up to show Amazon they need to address this ASAP.

  • This was on the Frislandia US East server

You could always try the “unstuck” comment in the game menu and that might’ve reset your UI, also I had a day 1 bug where my attacks weren’t hitting and I just died on purpose to fix the problem, hope this helps! happy adventuring

I don’t believe that does a full UI reset, but I can try it the next time. We should still have the ability to hard refresh if we need to.

Oh I completely agree with that sentiment I just try to offer a possible alternative so you aren’t wasting 3-4 more precious hours you’ll never get back

I watched Shroud sit in a queue for hours on end last night too, simply because his game crashed. Seriously, tell me why there is no queue protection for people that DC or need to re-log?

Why is Amazon support not even in the comments of any of these threads to answer basic questions like this?

I was looking for this myself today, i had a number of UI bugs requiring a relaunch… /reload needs to be added if possible

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