[Request] Company Logs

definately agreeing to this.

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I totally agree with this 100%

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in my opinion the most important feature for companies. we need this!

We absolutely need that for the company. We often had the question of how much someone deposited because we couldn’t look it up. So you could see who paid how much. great idea :+1:t2: :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

Agree with that. This function is a must have.


Very important. I agree with this

+1, history of payments/withdrawals sounds great :revolving_hearts:

Das wäre Top wenn man das einsehen könnte!

This is very good idea!!!

+1, this is definitely necessary for every company.

Show us the dirt


I totally agree with this <3

A great idea.

Give us more customizable ranks as well. My close group of friends I would be happy to have all of them be as close to governor as possible, but people we take in? No full access for you

i totally agree this

100% agree

I don’t run a company but I can see how this is totally necessary.:+1:

They were supposed to be fixing this, but it seems to be less important than new content. Please see Luxendra: Update on Current Issues #2

" Company Concerns

One of the key elements of New World is player’s ability to change the world. To achieve that, we give players a lot of power to form organizations, take over territories, and manage town policies. But, with that power comes some risk that “bad actors” will use that power for self gain. We’ve tried to provide guardrails to ensure those bad actors don’t create too much loss - cap players coin to 500k, ability to set withdrawal limits for lower ranks, etc. but there have been a few cases of it happening recently.

In the future, we would like to give players more information (like a company leger) and more ways to control access (like the ability to chose company permissions). This should give players better tools to find and avert loss. But these changes are lower priority at the moment versus some of our initiatives."

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