Request for 4th, neutral, faction: The Soulwardens

I am a Soul Warden. When someone from one of the factions asks me, “who’s side are you on?” I tell them, “I am on the side of all humanity.”

None of the value systems embraced by any of the three current factions are morally or ethically sound enough to adopt; I don’t want to kill anyone, force anyone to convert to any system, or even persuade others to leave their lifestyle. I am far too concerned with the Corruption, the Lost, and the overzealous actions of the Angry Earth to be caught up in the narrow-sighted conflicts of the Factions. I, instead, will fight to defend all humanity from the expanding supernatural evils. If I were to join one of the factions, I automatically sacrifice too much potential to help the “other” sides.

I am a Soul Warden, and I know there are others like-minded as myself. We may be few, but we are, perhaps, the noblest and most honorable warriors in the fight against the real evils. Please, consider developing a neutral faction outside the conflict between the Covenant, Marauders, and the Syndicate, and allow us to come together and fight as a larger, more cohesive force against the Corruption, the Lost, the Angry Earth, and even the Vangarian Knights and other forces yet to be seen; to fight alongside any of the three factions as necessary in support against humanity’s enemies, without being drawn into their unending bloodbath.

I am not a follower of the Spark, not a scientist of Azoth, not a freedom fighter.

I am a Soul Warden.

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Yeah sweet. Give us a pirate faction that can attack any other flagged player while you’re at it.

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You can’t sign up for invasions, can you?

I don’t think so - if not, having a non-pvp faction could certainly help fix that oversight.

I don’t think so either. Still I’ve been joking lately saying that White is the new PvE Faction. Sounds cool to me. You guys would certainly have the best bots lol.

Can they attack other pirates?


my vote goes for vikings

Marauders got the pirate thing kinda covered. How about merc ninjas?

Can be rainbow leprechaun themed for all I care. Although I do like the merc ninjas and vikings ideas.

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Oh yeah Id like that.

Yes, make a 4th faction that is non pvp and then give us a server where the other 3 factions have pvp always on outside safezones! Im all for it!

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