Request for ETA on emergency EU maintenance 24/11/21

sure if the snapshot is exactly where we need to rollback to. as i said, it was a big assumption judging by AGS track record. if no backup or if the snapshot is off, rollback is going to be a pain in the @ss.

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Decent compensation for the downtime though ^^ I wouldn’t be here either if it was not for the long maintenance. Patiently waiting to resume playing again :slight_smile:

Remboursez moi, vous ne méritez même pas 1 euro bande de p’tite sa…

nope no news yet after 7h or 8h :slight_smile:

First one man

just roll back the server before the morning update …

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probably 300k per char could be a resonable compensation.

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and whos fault is that? if they use “new” scripts before holidays they for sure should know if it would work like they wanted or not

you cannot deny that the forum has been quite entertaining though. :rofl:


Why your max is so small?
And are you sure that you should measure in minutes?

Then leave lmao. So much whiners here on this forum that is unbelieveble. :smiley: Feel free to quit the game and go play some perfectly bugless game like WoW or any other tittle. Oh wait… Did I say perfectly bugless? :wink:
Shit happens, it is what it is but don’t forget that there were far bigger tittles with far worse problems at the beginning so whining on forums doesn’t really justify the fact that you are just impatient pieces of good human beings. :slight_smile:

I wont lie the laugh at the form is what keeps me playing this game. If the game will progress as it is now (everyday getting worst) and I will stop playing, which it might be soon in current state of this shit show I will still keep reading the forum for a goot laugh :smiley:

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Hey, guys! Look what I’ve found!



Guys come on, what are you planning to achieve with that toxicity? Don’t you understand that not all the problems can be solved in 1 hour? This is a large game with many complex mechanics related to each other so they need time to fix+test that critical issue. Or do you want to rush servers launch with some quick and untested solution which will cause even more problems? Devs are doing their best. Help them by stopping this stupid posts of how bad they work and how you hate them. Stay calm and wait until they find a solution. Go watch some good movie, spend time with your family or read some cool book)


Well good luck - hope the devs team luck on resolving this swiftly works better than me trying to get voidbent ingots :joy:

Yeah, lets just let AGS mess up all the time and not say a thing or ask for compensation, after all it’s not as if we paid to play an MMO.

If AGS can not even do a simple thing like add X amount of coin to all players then they should fire all the coders and hire someone who knows how to code. Damn even I could write a bit of code to add X amount of coins to all players.

It’s like people’s lives end if they can’t play for a while.
I’d rather they do this properly, than end up with a new bugged mess like the patch ended up being.

so in other words… servers will be closed till march 2023…

Due to the whole of the New world team hating the EU, they can’t be bothered to deliver a quality product to the EU, that’s why EU servers spend more time offline.

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