Request for ETA on reenabling harvesting of elemental creatures [solved]


Referring to this post:

I would appreciate if one of you could give me an ETA on when the harvesting of these creatures will be reenabled.
@Tosch @Kay @NW_Mugsy

I’m trying to improve my logging level.
I think everyone will agree that this is very hard to do without terra wolves or other wolves that can be chopped for wyrdwood.
Basically ever person who has logging over 175 did this by chopping those wolves.

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also this makes it impossible to complete the Hunt: Bronzegrove quest in Brightwood due to the fact that you have to farm these wolves and skin them for quest completion

honestly, i hit 200 by making a game of it, didnt use wolves at all. I used diff luck amounts, and did a set number of runs based on food timers just to see how the drops went % wise, got to 200 pretty quick

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