Request for improvement on Character face edit option

I found that the edit option on character face is very very limited. Many games nowadays even on mobile RPG game allow user to edit the nose shape /eye shape/ face shape… so that gamer can create the most ideal one.

Highly suggest and request NW to make improvement on it.
Right now, I don’t put off the helm as it looks really ugly. Summer is coming, I dont want to get sweating all the time w/ the helm.



I like the suggestion but currently there are more important things that need to be done, it probs wont happen this year though.

It killed me Haha : “hide misery by keeping his helmet” and for once I am of the same opinion, it would take a little more advanced models. I have often seen female avatars with my face, it’s very “clone”! Also, why not implement in game a kind of old-fashioned barber where you can modify your appearance (while remaining consistent with the theme of the game, not by adding cosmetic surgery haha)

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