Request for MINIMAP or rotating direction/compass arrow

PLEASE add a minimap option to the primary HUD. Failing this, please add an option for a simple arrow that points which direction a user is facing.

The existing compass requires users to interpret cardinal directions to understand which way they are facing. Some people are incapable of using East/West (or, more rarely, North/South) to navigate without using a lengthy thought process that relies on higher brain functions. This is well established by scientific research and is a common aspect of broader disability definitions recognized by the ADA.

For many users, simply adding a compass ARROW (points left when facing west, up for north, etc) would vastly improve the game experience and allow them to navigate without headaches.

This problem would also be resolved if the game had a fixed-orientation minimap in the HUD. Please give us this option. Even the most basic minimap possible, with no markers for NPCs or players or objects, would IMMENSELY improve the experience for me and many others like me.

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