Request for New Transfer Token

I have already made one post about this after the original server transfers launch and was referred to the previous dev notes from 2 patches ago stating that you guys will be monitoring server queue times and issuing new transfer tokens if required. Well, I transferred from Brobdingnag to Valhalla when it was only a high population server which was before you added the full restriction. I have consistently sat in 500+ queues every single day around peak times and have to wait well over an hour to get into the server. I feel this is quite obviously a situation where a fresh token is warranted. I shouldn’t have to wait an hour to play every single day on the ONLY high pop server left out of all regions now, especially with crashes and having to relog due to bugs forcing me into a fresh queue since you guys have no priority system for recently logged players. Please add a fresh token to my account so I can get the fk off this perma queue server its such a poor consumer experience at the moment. If you need my character name or any account information please request but I feel I have waited long enough.

Hi @rideout12

Thank you for the report and feedback.

Please check the following under Transfer information, its a section there it might be for your interest: [Dev Blog] Update on Current Issues #2


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