Requested feature implementation

I have a “wish list” for things I believe would benefit New World:

  1. A minimap, with icons that can be selected to show on the minimap, or deselected, depending on what the players want.

  2. A groupfinder feature, to include roles, level and desired content.

  3. A company finder, so we can filter what we want in a company. Companies also need a way to show what they offer. There also needs to be a way to apply for a company, so you can request membership to the company. As it is now, all we can do is mark the company leader as a friend, and hope they log on so they can be direct messaged.

  4. A mail system would be nice. Crafters could use a groupfinder to show they’re looking for work and receive work requests via the mail system, with a COD for the items they custom make for individuals.

  5. It would also be nice to have something via the chat system that would announce when friends and company mates log in and out.

Thank you in advance for considering my requests.

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