Requesting another Developer Diary - EXPLAIN: Luck, OPR and Umbral System

The previous developer diary video provided the community with much information we had been requesting for some time. We got feedback about bots and how the whole process goes down to ban them. We got a preview of mutator Orbs before they hit the PTR and we even got to watch them do a Myrkguard run.

Near the end of the video they mentioned that they would do this “kind of thing” again if people received it well and I think for the most part we were all pleased to have ANY information about the future of the game. Especially information from the very developers working on the game! No offense to the help in the forums but the person serving chicken at KFC doesn’t know the 11 secret herbs and spices, just the Colonel.

I check these forums daily, often times before even logging in to see what the new “hot topic” is and the following three subjects seem to be the primary ones:

  1. Luck
  • A detailed explanation of the functionality and a look under the hood into the CODE!
  • Tell us how Luck is SUPPOSED to work and how we might be misinterpreting this information.
  • Tell us what you INTENDED goal for Luck is and how YOU think it is functioning in relation to the player experience.
  • Tell us what PLANS you have for Luck in the future.
  1. OPR
  • What is the overall game vision for this Battleground from the DEVELOPERS?
  • Tell us what pitfalls you are aware of and how you are working to remedy them
  • Tell us where you plan to take the BG in relation to the feedback of the players
  • Tell us if we can expect OPR to be in a “done” state or if it will continue to update as the game does
  1. Umbral System
  • Many are claiming that 625 after 3 month is a shocking jump, should we continue to expect similar jumps every 3 months?
  • Tell us if the Umbral System is meant to become a permanent system for future upgrades in GS
  • Tell us what your intended progression to a T10 Orb would be like for the average group of players

Perhaps we can also get the developers engaging in some chest runs (putting the Luck into play), playing a game of OPR (giving us some insight) and running a T10 Orb (giving commentary along the way)?

I know shooting this content takes up almost a whole day of filming and probably another day for editing. The reality is that if you pumped out one of these a week you would gain TREMENDOUS good will with the community. I know it takes a lot of effort and time but I feel it is worth the investment for connecting to the community consistently.

Hopefully we can get another DEVELOPER DIARY soon from the team, even if it’s only once a month or so!