[REQUEST]Make Daily stuff all reset everyday at same hour

Please AGS, this is becoming a nightmare. I currently have to set up reminders for :
-Asmodium CD reset around 6pm
-Phoenixweave CD around 7h30pm
-Runic Leather CD around 4pm
-Life Staff weapon gypsum cast around 9pm
-Ring gypsum cast around 9h30pm
-Amulet Gypsum Cast around 11h30pm
-Earring gypsum cast around 11h45pm
-Elite chests reseting around 9pm

For the love of god. I need a damn secretary now to remind me of all these resets to make sure I don’t skip any or push them back too late (assuming I have to log off every day around midnight).

Make everything reset at 10am or something every morning. That way it gives us all the day to complete our daily stuff without feeling rushed, stressed or feeling like we waste a CD if we wait 2 hours.



I’m constantly struggling with not disappointing my alarm clock and here you are, expecting me to actually manage my time. Help

Oh yes please. This is such a MUST HAVE for all of us. This is quality of life improvement 100%!!!

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