Requirement: Official version on non-merged servers

From 21 Dec to 02 Feb… and you still asking for patience. You’re a F joke.

And of course, no mention in “February PTR Announcement” @Developer

P.S.: I believe that this mention is more than justified.

@Developer From 21 Dec to 04 Feb, no answers…

@Developer @Customer-Service I’m still waiting for an answer

@Developer @Customer-Service It has been exactly 45 days and I am very angry about this

same here; stuck on dying server, friends left because of how balanced the game is (NOT). I would love to switch to a normal server, but it seems that i will need to switch to a new game, due to the lack of communication and respect shown by the AGS team

Please Give US Answer !

@Developer @Customer-Service We deserve an answer and an apology.

@Developer @Customer-Service Please get us out of this situation and give an explanation.

Pretty sure Devs are just out of excuses and don’t wanna embarrass themselves repeating the same reason they still are unable merge: fixing a housing bug

They kept saying moving housing+items across servers without loss is still bugged and they’ll announce merges as soon as they took care of it.

Their silence about it just shows they still haven’t found a solution and are probably busy with all the new bugs (in addition to all the old ones) anyways. My server is dying as well and I get the feeling Devs don’t care about it, but I guess the sad reality is: they’re still unable to fix the housing bug, so do what we all have been asked to do since the literal launch of the game: be more patient.


@Developer - @Customer-Service please reply us

What GoT taught me (and Internet improved):

@Developer … no answer

In another thread, I had just recently asked @Kay if the recent patch that addressed a housing issue would lead to server merges resuming and this was the response.

@Valyk just check the first comment and the title, I don’t want to look for each single thread I need an official statement about it and I need to read: “No, we fucked a lot of players and we fucked your progression, a lot of players left the game but, of course, we won’t compensate the players who still playing and we won’t plan anything to bring back the players who left due to our reponsability”

The minimun expected is honestity.(Do you agree @Developer ? )

Sadly, I don’t think this game stay with more than 10k-20k peak players in 2-3 months(or maybe close the game), if they don’t change the direction and the way to understand the players of this game.

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Another thing, they should explain why they have hidden the number of players per server

Maybe non-Spanish people won’t understand it but the AGS staff reminds me of the #Benidormfest jury.

I’m not disagreeing with you. I have been nothing but a huge advocate for making the server merges top priority.

They have failed all the players who were unable to transfer or be merged into a healthy server and have done nothing to compensate them for this failure.

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I know :slight_smile:

The problem is I asked to AGS before the merges were done(21st Dec) because my big concern was could have the current situation and I had no official answer( What happens with Lamian server? No merge for it? 2.3k views, 50 answers, 0 answer from staff)

The reason given about not to merge due to a problem with the houses was a joke to me 'cause I couldn’t use one of my houses from 21 Nov to 21 Dec( Cant pay taxes on my new house ) and after that my server didn’t receive the merge. (Literally, AGS fucked me up since 2021-11-21 :slight_smile: )

I’m totally sure @Developer could change the wrong direction of this project but I believe 99% that they will fail miserably.

Ironic that the other dev response that I had received was also in a “Lamian” server thread.

And yes, I have to agree with you on that as well. The game’s population continues to decline with no patches or updates doing anything to stem the bleeding of players. I would not be surprised if New World is placed into maintenance mode or shut down entirely. Just look at Crucible, their other game.

“We very much appreciate the way that our fans have rallied around our efforts, and we’ve loved seeing your responses to the changes we’ve made over the last few months, but ultimately we didn’t see a healthy, sustainable future ahead [for] Crucible ,”

I don’t know if the higher ups in AGS see a healthy, sustainable future for New World either.

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