Resilience and constitution rework

Resilience should come from constitution and delete the perk. Give max hp increase from heavy armor and resilience increase from constitution, that should make better balance.


This is the least of new worlds issues.
There are vastly too many perks to balance and resilent is not hard to obtain.

Freedom is getting a massive buff to the point people are gonna walk out of all forms of cc if they have 5 pieces.

Shirking fort is way stronger than resilience in the current meta.

So what about the builds that uses 5 con? Like muskets and bows … only ga users benefit from this suggestion.

Yeah right. Make everyone angry who farmed their resilient gear for ages.

Terrible suggestion. I run a 316 dex 194 int 5 con build, so I shouldn’t get any resilience at all? But you that run 200 con and have 12k HP should have 25% resilience.

That’s seems balanced yeah kekw

Dont think its a good sugestion but out of curiosity what would you change all the resil on current gear to?

this man is a GA/WH user that just wants more power than what they already got lol

What I would actually change about resilience is to cap it by half of it’s value. No longer 5% res. Make it 2,5% per piece.

Crit builds are being nullified by resilience, which doesn’t make any sense and seems unbalanced.

Con should not be a dump stat. The fact that it is exemplifies why changes like this should be considered and implemented. If you’re running around with 5 con, you should expect to get squashed if someone catches you.


Sorry, it’s not a solution at all.

What I don’t like is that 5x resilient and 150 con perk almost fully negates any crit damage.

And CRIT strike itself becomes meaningless.
Sometimes crit attacks do less damage that a non CRIT attacks.

Critical strike is supposed to be random and hit hard.
Like if you got lucky your attack is a CRIT then you do 2 hits in 1 (2x damage or something)

Currently it’s just a number, white or dark orange

well that’s what happens on live server, if they catch me.
I use resilience way more trading bullets and arrows with other rangers that fighting melees. Cause my build is not for melee combat so I kite and counter attack when my window comes.

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